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Title: Rocket Rod - free on iOS
Post by: 9TOFRIDAY on June 27, 2015, 08:45:23 AM
Hey peeps

Ive just launched rocket rod a 3d runner
its really basic and you collect coins to unlock different rocket rods (which i modelled and textured myself), you also earn coins by watching adverts.


check it out on the app store for free (

there is so much more i could have done with this project but i decided to end it and move on. i redesigned the project so many times and had to do so many tweeks and
learned object pooling, it was a little bit of a nightmare to tell you the truth.

also another draw back is that it should be played on iPhone 5s and stronger - I've learned where the limits of unity are now and my next game is sure to implement everything I've learned thus far.

hope you guys enjoy it

Rock on!