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Title: WALLPAPER Narrative Game
Post by: dreamingmethods on December 01, 2015, 10:29:27 AM
Hey there. I wanted to share a project I recently finished working on this year called WALLPAPER - designed primarily for exhibition, but shortly available to buy/download for PC/Mac. It's been funded by the UK Arts Council and Sheffield Hallam University.

It's an atmospheric work of digital fiction set in the near future, about a computer hardware engineer who, following the death of his elderly mother, returns to the UK from the United States to his North Yorkshire home which has been in his family for generations. He's back to close up the house and sell off the property, but not before he employs an experimental device primed to help him uncover the mysterious history behind a room in the house – a room that has remained locked since his childhood.

WALLPAPER was created using Playmaker for almost all the interactive narrative elements. I've found this discussion forum and the EcoSystem utterly invaluable during the process and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in whatever capacity. I haven't been a big contributor to the Forum yet at all, but hope to catch up + hopefully help out with any advice/experience I can offer.

Here are some images from WALLPAPER:





There is also a website here (

And a development blog with some teaser video footage here (

It's currently on exhibition in Sheffield here in the UK. The response has been really good from people who have experienced the work in its bespoke installation setting!

I'm working on several other narrative games using Playmaker too.

Anyway... Thank you + hope you find this post interesting.  :)
Title: Re: WALLPAPER Narrative Game
Post by: ThoughtfullGames on December 01, 2015, 07:56:32 PM
It look great !  if you are working alone Im raising my hat  ;)
Title: Re: WALLPAPER Narrative Game
Post by: dreamingmethods on December 04, 2015, 02:41:32 AM
Thank you.  :) Yes, I'm working alone, mostly. I collaborate with writers and musicians but also write/edit the works myself as I develop.

I'm also making this: Inanimate Alice: ( about a young girl who grows up traveling the world + wanting to be a games designer. It's been on the go since 2005 with an interesting development history shifting from Flash through HTML5 to Unity. It includes a fictional blog here which mentions "Alice's use of" Playmaker ( Amazingly, this work is actually on the English language curriculum in some countries. Which makes you ponder on the direction of writing/literature + tech in general.

And this as well: Pluto ( for which me + my collaborator Mez Breeze won some funding + an award this year. Again this work uses Playmaker to power the narrative/story-driven elements.

Very happy + keen to promote Playmaker through these projects.