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Title: Is Playmaker any easier than learning to script?
Post by: RHD on August 23, 2016, 01:47:06 PM
I'm struggling.

I have a few very simple bits I managed to work out with Playmaker after hours of watching really slow tutorials, but it's not doing what I want and it doesn't seem compatible with scripts I know work.

Is it worth the struggle or should I continue to try and learn to code because I don't have time for any more slow tutorials that spend ages showing you how to connect a string but not how to do anything useful with accelerometer input.

I'm so fed up!

Is it worth it to keep on struggling with Playmaker?
Title: Re: Is Playmaker any easier than learning to script?
Post by: djaydino on August 23, 2016, 02:51:44 PM
Yea if you are lack of time i would definitely stick with playmaker once you get the hang of it Playmaker will be faster and easier doing things than when coding (especially as a beginner) and after a while you will start to learn coding from it when you start looking into the actions coding.

Also if you have questions you can always ask in the help section.
and you can also join us on the discord channel.
Title: Re: Is Playmaker any easier than learning to script?
Post by: jeanfabre on September 21, 2016, 12:51:29 AM

 Learning is always about embracing features you don't seem to need or want at the time, but it's nonetheless necessary to get an overview. you then extrapolate on what was done in a specific tutorial and apply it to your case, it's critical to absorb as much as possible, it will become useful eventually, it's guaranteed.

Don't hesitate to ask on this forum, make new posts for each of your questions, for example you seem to want to use the accelerometer, make a post, ping me and I'll reply.


Title: Re: Is Playmaker any easier than learning to script?
Post by: mdotstrange on September 21, 2016, 07:32:35 AM
You'll be able to do more advanced things faster with Playmaker than you would through coding if you don't know how to code right now-

Learning Playmaker first allows you to focus more on the game design side of things rather than the technical ability involved in coding in C# or javascript-

In my opinion if you start with Playmaker you can focus more on learning how to make games Vs. learning how to code, so you can learn to make games-

Title: Re: Is Playmaker any easier than learning to script?
Post by: jasperPT on March 20, 2017, 11:30:04 AM
Hey man!

I know this is an old topic but thought it would be useful for anyone who has the same issue.

Playmaker might take a little getting used to but once it clicks things really start to fall in place fast.

I am 3 years in and still learning things here and there, but it took probably 2-3 months to get a good understanding of how to build something for myself.

What I would recommend if you are getting bored quickly by tutorials, is to do this:
Watch a tutorial or two (preferably two)

Then use whatever you just learned to make something really really small, like just a basic interaction and try to do something with it that the tutorial did not teach you. More than likely you will discover something and get a bit lost in the fun of making something.
Then do another tutorial or two and make another small thing with all of your knowledge.
This way you balance the feeling of having to trall through tutorials with actually making something fun, and you will be pushing yourself to learn more as you do it.