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Title: Old School RPG PlayMaker Kit (#1GAM)
Post by: Flying Robot on May 27, 2013, 06:24:54 AM
Started with a RPG PlayMaker Kit.


Because I'm a 3D artist, it is going to be 3D primarily, but will have a 2D version. I'll try to closely follow Old School SNES RPG Mechanics. If I mess up at places don't forget to straighten me up! Please come out what you like and you don't with the systems. Can't do this without your help.

Planned features :
1. A Character profiling system. Gold, Health, Experience.
2. A branchable skill system fed by leveling up from Experience Points.
3. Inventory system (weapons and armors as a subsystem)
4. Shops and buy and drop to inventory.
5. Collect, pick up Loot, throw loot/inventories.
6. Stackable Quest system.
7. Sequential Dialog system where dialogs can be read from text files. Formatted more like comic book scripts.
8. Branchable Dialog system.
9. Minimap

Another thing, from the initiation I'm making it in a mobile ready way. And FSMs like PlayMaker are made for RPGs more than anything else.

Screens and WebPlayer (