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Title: Arraymaker List Upper Case
Post by: Graham on September 09, 2014, 11:11:26 AM
In the Arraymaker demos, there is a word finding scene. This scene uses the txt file called "corncob_lowercase.txt." I have tried using the "corncob_caps.txt" file in order to use all upper case letters, but having done this the fsm won't match any strings. It's as if there is a hidden character at the end of every letter.

If you open the attached txt files in notepad, you will notice the lower case one is a jumble of words, appearing to have no spacing. But open it in wordpad or another more advanced editor and each is on it's own line.

Does anyone know how this was formatted? How can I do this to the uppercase version to have it work with Arraymaker?

Thanks for the help!