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Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: September 08, 2018, 02:58:06 AM »
Thanks again Jean...

I've been traveling from the US to India and just getting back to work. Will check it and report back as soon as a I can. Have a great day!

Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:41:29 PM »
In the game I'm working on now one player is looking at the screen of the phone and the second player is facing the forward camera with the marker card in their hand and moving the player with the card for the other player to see.

That part works no problem.

The two problems are:

1) Want to have a field which is stationary in the middle of the view.
2) Want to have an object (say a ball) which moves randomly around the field that the player is trying to catch.

Have tried several ideas to keep the field stationary by setting position/rotation opposite to the target movement, but it's way too shaky. Have also tried the idea of having a "ground plane" but both my android phones generate an error saying they can't work with ground planes.

For the moving object just not sure how to do it right.

Thanks again for all the help!

Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: August 31, 2018, 12:03:11 PM »

I think I figured it out capturing the lost and found state using the action "Vuforia Set Persist Extended Tracking." Name is a little confusing so hopefully this helps others.

Still struggling with how to independently move objects which are all attached to the tracking object.

Am I correct that the AR camera is only going to see objects which are children of a tracking object? Any suggestions for how to make something appear stationary which is a child of the tracking object?

ONE MORE THING: What's the trick to put UI elements in an AR scene?

Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:25:29 AM »

I want to be able to notify the player (audio and visual cues) when Tracking is LOST.

In Unity 2017 there was the "Vuforia Get Extended Tracking" action which connected with the Play Maker Vuforia Trackable Proxy component.

In Unity 2018 the action is gone how do I use Playmaker to connect to the component (which is still there) to find out if Tracking is lost or found?

Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:17:31 AM »
Hey Jean,

My database is fine and the basics of Vuforia work. I'm still learning, but I'm guessing I've been thinking about it in the wrong way. Have been trying to have objects NOT childed to the ImageTarget to be persistent (ie consistently relative to the camera), but it seems like may have to have all objects childed to the ImageTarget and then force them to move relative to each other.

Any thoughts on that?

Doing more tests today and will report back soon.

Playmaker Help / Vuforia & Playmaker Setup/Use
« on: August 30, 2018, 01:55:24 PM »
Hey All...Jean and I have been exchanging private messages which could be helpful as a public discussion about the basics of setting up and using Vuforia with Playmaker. I've faced several challenges and thought I'd share some of what I've gone through along with some info I've gotten from Jean's responses.

My initial problem was Vuforia and Playmaker were installing fine in Unity 2017 (but there was a problem with my project importing), but when installing Vuforia in Unity 2018 there was an error message due to one of the actions being deprecated. That was solved when Jean told me:

Add PLAYMAKER_VUFORIA_7_2_20_OR_NEWER to Scripting Define symbols field in the Player Settings.

That allowed me to use Vuforia in Unity 2018 along with Playmaker, but it really confused me about how Playmaker could control Vuforia because in 2017 the deprecated Playmaker action seemed to have a lot of things it could do, but I can't find any of that in 2018.

Jean's response to this was:

The removed component is obsolete, now everything can be setup within Vuforia using their own components, no need for API access to control position of objects when the original target position is lost (called extended tracking).

I'm going to check on this today, but I must admit I'm still quite confused. I can't even figure out how to use the simple Playmaker Vuforia Trackable Proxy component. I'm getting a "Not Implemented on Target" message even though the component is on ImageTarget.

I guess I wish there were a little more detailed instructions about all this than the few sentences on the Playmaker Vuforia page on the Hutong website.

Does anyone else have any input...and/or questions. I'm super excited about AR and the first game test is super cool, but not sure if a non-programmer like me will be able to do it.

Thanks for any suggestions or help!

Playmaker Help / Re: Vuforia 7.2.24 and Unity 2018.2.4f1
« on: August 20, 2018, 07:22:49 AM »
Thanks for the quick reply. I did get it to work without the error in Unity 2017.4.9f1. I'll try out your suggest above for 2018.

Playmaker Help / Vuforia 7.2.24 and Unity 2018.2.4f1
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:54:47 PM »
Has anyone got latest version of Vuforia working with the latest version of Unity? I'm getting a namespace error. Do I need to go back to Unity 2017 or is there a solution?

The globals from the new project with just the one variable?

I tried several things. I check if they were added...nothing.

I tried deleting the current globals and then importing it...nothing.

I've been doing this in Unity 5.4.2 which is the version we started and built our Acting Kindly game in. Should I try it on a clean install of Playmaker in 5.6.2 which we're using for the new project?

Originally this happened in a backup for one of our current games, but this time I tested it by creating a new project with just playmaker and then when I tried to import the globals I received that message.

Am I supposed to delete the globals file before trying to import a new one?

Thanks for all you help. Have a good day!

Playmaker Help / Re: Login System with Playmaker Actions
« on: October 02, 2017, 02:57:43 AM »
Hey djaydino...right now it's for PC/Mac...but hoping to find something cross platform as our plan is to have it for PC/Mac as well as mobile and WebGL.

This has me worried. Why are my globals acting differently than yours? I've been meaning to post to the forums about another issue which may be related and is quite scary.

I've been exporting my globals on the project whenever anything important changes as earlier we had a few problems with them. Recently I went to important the globals into a backup of the project and I get a message:

No Globals to Import!

I'm attaching a screen capture of the popup and Console error.

Need to figure this out because I'm wonder what might happen if we really needed the globals file to import and it isn't working.

Any ideas??? @Jean

Playmaker Help / Re: Editing PlayMakerGlobals.asset in Spreadsheet [SOLVED]
« on: September 28, 2017, 12:52:24 AM »
Is my file showing them when you open it on your computer? Seems strange they are showing up with mine, but not yours. I'll post to the forums, but wondering what happened when you opened it so I can ask the right question. :)

Playmaker Help / Re: Editing PlayMakerGlobals.asset in Spreadsheet [SOLVED]
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:14:32 PM »
Wow...thanks for that. I've attached the file. Cheers.

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