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Ok, the new version is up. Please re-download. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for reporting this - I can repro the bug here.

We should have a fix up shortly...

General Discussion / Re: The right way to buy?
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:31:18 PM »
To be clear, Hutong Games doesn't collect any taxes. The Asset Store and Fastspring stores handle that for all sellers. They determine the sales tax based on the region, regulations etc. and submit any taxes collected to the appropriate authorities. Technically they are resellers - they buy from us and sell through their storefronts, handling the transactions (different payment methods, exchange rates, taxes etc.).

I have no idea what we would have to do if doing it all ourselves - I researched it for a bit but got nowhere. Some people sell direct through PayPal and don't collect taxes, but they might get stuck with a huge tax bill down the line. Depends who you talk to. Anyway, it seems like most legit companies add local taxes, so we use a storefront that handles that for us.

Hope that makes sense. I can't answer specific questions about taxes in one country or another because it's all a black box to us! We pay the storefront so we don't have to figure it all out!

Playmaker Help / Re: Event search or monitor
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:35:01 PM »
There are also a few new features in the new 1.8.7 update.

The Used count in the Events Manager now includes actions that send the event.
If you right-click on the Event you get 2 sub menus: Sent By and Received By.

Also in Preferences > Graph View enable Show Send Events Icons on States.
This will show a little event icon on states that send events.
Click the icon to get a menu showing the events sent.
This is an experimental new feature so please post your experience with it!

Also, in the Fsm Log Window you can click an Event log entry to select the action that sent it:

We're working on more overview tools to help manage larger projects. Please post any ideas along those lines :) Mockups or examples from other tools would be great! Thanks!! :)

Playmaker Help / Re: console errors after updating playmaker[SOLVED]
« on: January 13, 2018, 09:59:48 AM »
You could manually copy the updated dlls from a new project to the old project: Assets\PlayMaker\Editor\PlayMakerEditor.dll

We will also have an update soon that won't need the API Updater to run.

Playmaker Help / Re: Simulating a C# procedure with an FSM
« on: January 12, 2018, 08:51:12 PM »
Using Run FSM to run a Template FSM on each wheel is one way to go.

You can also use Array Get Next to loop through all wheels like in the attached screenshot. You would put the actions you want to run on each wheel in the Wheel Function state. Or you can run through more states before returning to Get Wheel.

Note, you can loop through many states in a single update. So, in this case, you can think of the FSM more like a flow chart, with each state describing a step in the process.

Playmaker Help / Re: console errors after updating playmaker[SOLVED]
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:28:44 PM »
I think there's a bug in the Unity API Updater. Sometimes it fails and then won't let you run it again. I haven't been able to repro here.

One thing you could check is the file write privileges for your project. Make sure no files are read-only for some reason. That would stop the API Updater from changing those files.

Are you still using 1.8.4? 
Have you tried in 1.8.6?

Playmaker Help / Re: error load playmaker 1.8.6 & unity 5.6.5f1
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:02:57 PM »
From the error it looks like it's because of this Asset Store bug:

Try re-downloading Playmaker and re-import to get the correct package for the Unity version you're running.

If that doesn't fix the issue let us know!

Hi, thanks for reporting this. It's fixed in the next update. In the meantime, please find the fixed version attached here.

Playmaker Help / Re: console errors after updating playmaker
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:57:42 PM »
Strange that the Unity API updater is failing in your project.
You could submit a bug report to Unity for them to look into it.

These events are updated in the next update, but in the meantime, you could copy the Playmaker dlls from a new project into your current project.

The Unity Find commands don't find disabled objects. Is the object you're trying to find disabled? If so, you can enable it, find it and store it in a variable, then disable it.

You could turn off real-time error checking (or at least the errors you're not interested in):

General Discussion / Re: The right way to buy?
« on: December 29, 2017, 02:11:11 PM »
Both stores should charge sales tax/VAT as required. The price should be the same by the time you checkout - if not let us know! There might be a slight difference depending on the exchange rate each store uses. Our site uses the Fastspring storefront, a standard e-commerce platform.

The main reasons to buy from our site instead of the Asset Store:
- We offer an educational discount for qualifying students/educators.
- We offer bulk discounts if you're buying many seats.
- If you can't access the Asset Store where you are.

Buying from the Asset Store lets you update and import from the Asset Store Download Manager inside Unity. If you buy from our site you receive a download link and you'll get email notifications of updates.

Try updating to the latest Playmaker version (1.8.6)
It's possible there was a bug in the release you're using...

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