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Hi All,

During Feb I've been participating in Microsoft's Appreneur Challenge, a 3 games in 30 days comp for Windows Store, where I've done just that. =)

I'm a games programming student at a multimedia college (SAEQ) in Sydney Australia. I discovered Playmaker's Windows Store beta in time for the last of the 3 games, and my gosh it sped up development! Alex @ Huntong Games even fixed a bug for me in the framework in a few hours. Champion.

In order to qualify for the competition I need to get downloads. If you have 5 mins spare and a Windows 8 computer, It'd be swell if you'd download my games and even give em a quick play. Nothing fancy but 3 fun little arcade games made quick!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you like my games. Oh of course the games are free and Ad free as well. =)

Wave Invader

Escape Knight

Moon Bouncer

Windows Store Apps Help / Re: Windows 8 build giving me errors
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:41:04 PM »
Hi All,

Is there any update on the windows store update?

I've sent a PM to see if I can get into the beta, else I'll have to pull out some playmaker stuff for a game I'm going to upload to the store tonight. =(

Thankfully haven't used too much on this, just some movement stuff. But ya know, I'd rather not have to code it. ;)


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