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Playmaker Bug Reporting / Re: States randomly just scramble.
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:33:18 PM »
I just experienced another scrambling issue where global events got swapped out for other global events across the board. I don't know why this happens. I've currently got 143 errors. It's seriously the most frustrating thing. I have to manually go through and fix all of them.
Anyone have any ideas?

Unity 2018.2.2f1
Playmaker 1.9.0

Are you asking me why I'm still using it or if 2018.2.2f1 has it?

Nested prefabs got updated and fixed a bunch of compatibility bugs with 2018.2.2f1

I can confirm prefabs aren't disconnecting from fsms anymore.



I tried them preferences you mentioned. Closed and opened unity. Still no different. :(

In the fsm it says it's missing even though it's a prefab, directly after updating the prefab.

I might do some testing in a fresh project without nested prefabs to see what's causing the problem.

It's been fine on previous versions. I've never had objects disconnect from prefabs. I am currently working on prefab fsms. So it's still weird that things continue to disconnect.

Can you elaborate on the prefab settings in preferences please -


Hi all,
I'm using Unity 2018.2.2f1
Playermaker : 1.9.0 p4

Also using Nested Prefabs

For some reason whenever I update a prefab where ever that prefab is connected/ referenced in (eg: fsm/array/list) it disconnects.

I don't know whether nested prefabs is having an effect on this. It's been working fine up until updating the project to new unity and playmaker.

Has anyone had this or know of a solution? Should I reimport the whole project?


Hey Djaydino,
Thanks for the reply.

Okay cool, I sort of though broadcast all would have to do something to at least initiate a check to all fsm's so that would make sense.


Hi all, I have a question:

 I have a set of event outcomes in fsms that need to happen from when an action occurs. These actions are the result of a player's input. So its possible for the actions to happen within 5-10 seconds, which means events can be sent that often as well.

The outcome fsm's are obtained at runtime, so I'm currently sending global events for them to activate...But would it be more efficient if I stored them in an array in a 'fsm manager' fsm then send an event to the manager which would then explicitly send the corresponding event to the targeted fsm?

Which is more efficient sending global events or sending multiple events directly to fsms?


Playmaker Help / grabbing angular velocity from agent
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:55:11 AM »

I want to play an animation when float (turn) is above x. How would I go about grabbing the magnitude from an agent or an object that is rotating.

Basically I want to detect whether the object/agent is rotating or not and then use the value to play an animation.

Doesn't have rigged body so I can't use Get Angular Velocity.


Cheers   :D

Thanks  :)

Hey Djaydino,

Thanks! Yep, I do all of it.  :D

I'll need to make some kinda soda enemy boss that burps acid.  ;)


User Showcase / Nom Nom Apocalypse - Fast food Twin stick shooter
« on: May 01, 2018, 03:02:36 PM »
Hey All, I've got a game coming out late this year. It's a fast food themed twin stick shooter.  I'm a solo dev and I've been working on this for almost a year now :D


Playmaker Help / Re: Does Spherecast or Spherecast2 hit triggers?
« on: April 26, 2018, 02:14:21 AM »
Thanks for the info. Thanks for the action as well.


Playmaker Help / Re: Does Spherecast or Spherecast2 hit triggers?
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:11:07 AM »
I know about the queries hit trigger checkbox in physics. I just came across an old post saying spherecast would ignore triggers:

The docs for Unity 2017 say spherecast has an option to detect triggers. If it uses the system default then the spherecast action can detect triggers?

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