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I think this is the old gui, maybe its better to look into uGui
It has input fields buttons sliders and more.
(in the hierarchy, right click and select Ui to see and select them)

You can find the uGui actions on the Ecosystem
seacrh for "ugui proxy full"

I also made a new action called 'U Gui Text Set Font' if you need to set a font @ runtime

And to set the color @ runtime you can use 'U Gui Graphic Set Color'

To get the text from an inputfield you can use 'U Gui Input Field Get Text'

Work In Progress... / Re: Erebus : Shmup
« on: Today at 03:12:08 PM »
I have edited it for you :)

You can edit your post to see how :) just be sure to remove the 's' from 'https'

Playmaker Help / Re: Animator State Sync issue.
« on: Today at 03:09:46 PM »
I believe that you can achieve this by making a state and name it with the 2 animator states and add 'to' in between (so "state1 to state2")

Playmaker Help / Re: Animator State Sync issue.
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:27:52 PM »
If you use 4 states does it work as supposed to?
If so maybe you should make the 2 state event in a different fsm and use a send event from the synced fsm

Playmaker Tutorials / Re: ArrayMaker Tutorials for All! (5th UP!)
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:30:10 PM »
Just to let people know, there was a typo in the "Array Get Next 2" which broke the reset.
please re download the action.

Indeed array maker is more power full than the standard, but for this case the standard works fine :)

I actually did something similare with that.
What i did is make a copy from the list and remove from the list when looping :

Playmaker Bug Reporting / Re: Variables switching without any warning!
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:27:24 AM »
Maybe you could make a video of the issue instead?

or make a backup and strip some parts from it so Alex can try to repo and find this issue.

Just to let you know, it is save to share your project with alex (you can pm him with a link and a password to access)
Without it it is a lot harder to find bugs.

i think it works the same as on a ugui button :

Playmaker Tutorials / Re: ArrayMaker Tutorials for All! (5th UP!)
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:08:45 AM »
This is indeed an issue on that tutorials,
This tutorial works better :

The sample files are not available atm (remaking them right now :) )
But will be available on my upcoming asset together with other samples.

Get/Set properties are slower than dedicated actions because it needs to do more things to get what it needs.
Also you need to use Linker Wizard to connect them else they tend to break when making a build.

The actions are designed for accessing 3rd party components that don't have Playmaker support.
Many asset that are used by many users have actions inside their asset or are shared on our forum.

And you can always request custom actions :)

There is an action on the Ecosystem called "Angular Velocity" maybe that one can help.

Playmaker Help / Re: How to make Gun Laser
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:14:43 AM »
Did you change the interval on the raycast action.
if it is 1 it should send a cast every frame.

The reason might be that you are rotating very fast and you see multiple lines.
if so it is not behind in frame but you can see the line draw from the frames before.

Screen pick and screen to world point are in the standard action list, have you tried them?

I do not have this asset so i can't test, but i saw on the asset store that they support playmaker.

I can say tho that the transitions on the pictures are not for ui, they are for gameobjects (2d or 3d)

Can you show an image from a doozy ui button component/object on the inspector.

You might need 'Ugui proxy full' you can get it on the Ecosystem
and use the "PlayMaker U Gui Pointer Events Proxy"

Here is a video about using ugui proxy :

@utopien you can better post a new question as it differs from this topic.
Can you give some more information of what you are trying to do.
I did a quick search on get rotation node but i did not find much.

Playmaker Help / Re: Trigger Event Store Collider not working
« on: November 18, 2017, 08:10:42 AM »
Ok, pm me a link when you uploaded.
If its to hard, maybe we can use teamviewer or something.

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