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That would be amazing risk.
I could send him my invoice in order to localice my purchase in this web.

Hope he could make it happen. how could I contact him to ask about it?

Thanks for share this great idea/solution to the problem, currently this is the only asset I don't have in the unity dashboard due to few experience in unity world at the time I make the purchase :)

Hi Jean, thanks I get the email some hours ago about 1.7.8 (but I had this version already).

It's a pity I can get my bundle through unity store since it'd be the preferred way. I was thinking that there should be a warning for new people coming to Playmaker to help make the decisión and a plan to be able to change licenses between purchase modalities (for example return the purchase and the rebuy on unity store...)


Hi! hope someone from Hutong could respond to my question and see if I can in some way access my purchase from unity asset store.

Thanks in advance


Hi, I recently buyed PlayMaker from the web, but I think it was not a good decision since I can't see the bundle inside my unity asset store account, so it was more easy to access and download upgrades. Can I have this integration in some way?


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