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Playmaker Help / TopDown Movement change Axis???
« on: September 15, 2017, 04:15:56 PM »
Hello i have a question how i can change the axis on the top down movement?

The Controlling is over WASD Keys,i use RootMotions. On the Aiming my Player look at the MouseAimPoint ( a Mesh will follow Mouse withe Mousepick Up Action).

At the moment i use a old C# Script for it here :

Code: [Select]
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class UserInput : MonoBehaviour

   // public float speed = 5;
    public bool hidemouse;

    Transform camPoint;
    Vector3 camForward;
    Vector3 move;
    Vector3 moveInput;
   public float forwardAmount;
   public float turnAmount;
public GameObject CamPivot;
    Vector3 lookPos;
    Animator anim;


    void Start()
camPoint = CamPivot.transform;


            Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Confined;
            Cursor.visible = false;       

    void Update()

Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition);

RaycastHit hit;

if(Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, 100))
lookPos = hit.point;

Vector3 lookDir = lookPos - transform.position;
lookDir.y = 0;

transform.LookAt(transform.position + lookDir, Vector3.up);

    void FixedUpdate()
        float horizontal = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
        float vertical = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

        if (camPoint != null)
            camForward = Vector3.Scale(camPoint.up, new Vector3(1, 0, 1)).normalized;
move = vertical * camForward + horizontal * camPoint.right;
            move = vertical * Vector3.forward + horizontal * Vector3.right;

        if (move.magnitude > 1)


        Vector3 movement = new Vector3(horizontal, 0, vertical);
        if (horizontal == 0 && vertical == 0)




    void Move(Vector3 move)
        if (move.magnitude > 1)

        this.moveInput = move;


    void ConvertMoveInput()

        Vector3 localMove = transform.InverseTransformDirection(moveInput);

        turnAmount = localMove.x;

        if (localMove.z < -0.3f)
            localMove.z = -1;
        else if (localMove.z > 0.3f)
            localMove.z = 1;
        forwardAmount = localMove.z;


my problem is that script will not work so smoothly it will jittering some times.Thx for help :D

User Showcase / no Name Game at the moment :D
« on: May 19, 2017, 12:57:39 AM »
So i work the last 3 weeks on a new zombie survial Game,here is a Video with some attacking modes from the player :

Playmaker Tutorials / Tutorial Series Top Down / Iso Survival Game
« on: May 12, 2017, 04:57:38 AM »
Part 1

Have fun :D

This Tutorial Series is complet in German,on this i will teach you how you can create a Third Person Game with Playmaker and Unity.But i use other Assets(like Animations and so one out the Store),the links to the assets are in the Description off my Videos,have fun.

Hallo alle zusammen,da ich immer wieder gefragt werde ob ich eine TuT.Serie zu einen Third Person Game machen könnte,habe ich mir überlegt ein kleines Game mit Playmaker und Unity zu erstellen.Natürlich verwende ich noch mehr Assets die dann in der Video-Beschreibung zu finden sind.

Ziel ist es das der Anwender wirklich von Null auf an Playmaker zu verstehen lernt und auch ein paar Sachen bei Unity lernen kann.

Vermerk : Ich habe mir jetzt keinen zeitplan gesetzt in welchen Abständen die Folgen komme,versuche aber immer einmal die Woche eine Folge rauszubringen.

Folge 1 :

Playmaker Help / Third Person Controller / Climbing Problem
« on: April 27, 2016, 01:58:02 AM »
Hello all i have a Problem, i create a Third Person Controller and i will use Climbing on It.My Problem at the Moment is,the Player glitch in the Object with Hands and Body and the Foots.

you can see it here : [youtube][youtube] on 1:09

So here 2 littel Tutorials from me

In the First i will see you how we can change RawImages in Runtime to use a PulseBar from this asset :!/content/14135

in the second tutorial we will see how we can change the Speed of the Pulsbar and HP points in Runtime

Hope it helps you

Playmaker Tutorials / Selection Character Menu Tutorial
« on: September 25, 2015, 06:37:49 AM »

Hello all in this Tutorial i help a subscriber on my Youtube Channel,he have a Problem,he will on the start menu a function how the player can select a character.

But i think this Tutorial can help other peopel.

In this tutorial i use gui and playmaker gui prox full for the gui butoon ;)

Have fun with it

Hello all i work at time on a Tutorial with a baisc weather system and a campfire how you can activate and it will deactived on rain :D

see it here,i think on the night i upload it here ;)

Work In Progress... / Broken heart
« on: September 16, 2015, 05:54:31 AM »
Hello all, at time i will build a project to learn unity and playmaker is a litte horror game.but take a look here :D

Playmaker Tutorials / Third Person Basic Controller walking,runing mecanim
« on: September 15, 2015, 01:19:04 PM »
Hello all same peopel has asking me how i can make the tutorial series in english and here is the first part.

I hope you can understand my english :D


Heute ein Tutorial über Mecanim und Playmaker, ich zeige euch wie ihr einen Charackter das gehen bei bringt via Playmaker.

Inhalte :
Unity animator Controller
Playmaker mecanim nutzen und verstehen
Charackter steuern via wasd

Ich wünsche euch viel spaß bei Bedarf mache ich eine Serie daraus ;)


Hallo alle zusammen auf Nachfrage habe ich ein Tutorial mit Unity 3d und Playmaker gebastelt,wo wir eine Lichtquelle aus und an mit der Taste E machen so wie in the Witcher 3 es möglich ist.
Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß mit dem Tut und sry das der Mauszeiger nicht zu sehen ist aber ich denke es geht auch ohne.

Inhalt :

Umgang Unity 3d
Umgang Playmaker
Errichten von Collidern
Erichten von Trigger Events

Die Files :

Unity :
64 Flat Game Icons :!/content/36440
Decrepit Dungeon :!/content/33936
Tut Files :

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