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Hello .

As i said in the title , the action "hashtable add many" doesnt add items in the order defined in it , it seemed random to me , but maybe there is a pattern to it.

the order is important because i'm trying to use hashtables for a series of simple conversations between some characters , but now , sentences are getting mixed up. i am aware i can do this some other way . but this is also simple and easy.

In the attached picture you can see that , the items order in the action is different than the hashtable proxy .so  is this a bug or i can fix this ?

Playmaker Help / Game with a lot of data
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:22:15 PM »
I'm trying to make a game like "magic rush" or even "clash royale" which contains alot of data like this :

hp , mp , attack , magic def , phys def , critical rate , etc  ....
all of this for each hero and player may have more than a hundred heroes .

After searching a bit , i think my options are :
1- Game data Editor(GDE)
2- Inventory pro ( well , every hero or card could be just an item with some stats in those kind of games if you think about it)
3-Playmaker's Datamaker .

at the moment i'm leaning toward GDE .

and i want to save players data in the google account for each player and after some research i think i can do this with "Android native plugin" from stan's assets .

but i have little experience in making this kind of games with alot of data and i'm sure you guys can give me some pointers . so the question is , which path is easier ? which one can be saved into google account ?
i have absolutely no experience in working with google account , and i couldnt find any tutorial for saving and loading to google account with playmaker .
so if anyone can help , i appreciate it :)

Playmaker Help / How Should i save ArrayList of Sprites ?
« on: November 02, 2016, 04:52:59 PM »
Hello .

I'm trying to make a simple inventory system for my game .

Every time the player picks up and item , i clone my "Item" prefab ( from the assets folder),which contains an sprite image component, then change its name and sprite and parent it to my "Inventory" GameObject .

When i want to save , i iterate through all the childs of the "Inventory" GameObject , and save their Names and Sprites to seperate List Arrays , so that when i load , i can create the items which was Parented the "Inventory"

I can save the Names Array List easily with EasySave2 , since it contains only Strings , but ES2 doesnt support Sprites ,how can i save the Sprites Array List ?

Alternatively , Since the name of the items and their respective sprites are the same , how can i search the asset folder for the respective sprite ?

Playmaker Help / Cant Find a Property with "Set Property"
« on: April 25, 2016, 12:18:08 AM »
Hello .
At first i wanna say that i searched the forum for this and found some other topics such as this :

but i couldnt find my answer there . so here is my question :

I have this script :

Code: [Select]
using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Invector;

public class MeleeWeapon : MeleeItem
    #region variables
    [Header("Weapon Settings")]
    public int ATK_ID;
    public int MoveSet_ID;
    public Damage damage;
    public DamagePercentage damagePercentage;

    [Tooltip("How much stamina the attack will consume")]
    public float staminaCost = 30f;
    [Tooltip("Time for the stamina to recover")]
    public float staminaRecoveryDelay = 1f;

    [Header("Hitbox Settings")]
    [Range(0.1f, 2.9f)]
    public float centerSize = 1f;
    [Range(-1.4f, 1.4f)]
    public float centerPos = 0f;
    public BoxCollider top, bottom, center;
    public bool showHitboxes;
    public HitProperties hitProperties { get; set; }
    protected float curCenterSize;
    public HitBox hitTop, hitBotton, hitCenter;
    public bool lockHitBox = true;           

    public class DamagePercentage
public float Top = 30f;
        public float Center = 70f;       

    public void Init()
        hitTop = top.GetComponent<HitBox>();
        hitBotton = bottom.GetComponent<HitBox>();
        hitCenter = center.GetComponent<HitBox>();

        hitTop.hitBarPoint = HitBarPoints.Top;
        hitCenter.hitBarPoint = HitBarPoints.Center;
        hitBotton.hitBarPoint = HitBarPoints.Bottom;

        hitTop.hitControl = this;
        hitBotton.hitControl = this;
        hitCenter.hitControl = this;


    public bool isActive { get { return active; } }

    public struct DamageType
        public Collider hitCollider;
        public HitBarPoints hitBarPoints;

I want to access the float "Top " and float "Center" in the Class "DamagePercentage" , but they are nowhere to be found .

Also when i add this script some other variables shows up in the inspector such as float "Value" or bool "Ignore Defense " which are not even in the script ( and i'm too noob to know where it is reading them from )

It maybe worth mentioning that it is "Melee Weapon" Script from " Melee Combat Template " asset by Invector .

Can someone help me on this ?

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