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I've been struggling with this logic problem for 17 hours now in total. Finally got to solve it after intensive research.

When I needed this community to help me, it did it in a blink, time to give back some love : )

So, if you're using playMaker, and the XBOX 360/One Controller is the main input device for your game, and you're wondering why you can't get the Triggers to work, this is for you.

Microsoft made the Triggers to be sensible, therefore, they're Axis, not Buttons, in order to allow acceleration.

The problem: Even though you can get the Axis, how do you solve the acceleration? Why it starts in a already fired state?

The solution: The Axis range are -1 to 1. So why? Here lies the problem - The triggers are parked at 0 by default. From here, you can work your way to the solution, the images should be enough for a clear explanation of the logic. Notes included.

Special Thanks
Alex Chouls - For confirming what I was suspicious about the loop problem -
slog - for pointing out the problem of the 0 start state -

Other topics with the same problem

Hello all,

I'm very new to Unity and playMaker, currently trying to build my first prototype game on it to hone my skills. I was doing great so far, but now I'm stuck in a problem that seems simple, but I could't find an answer online nor in this forum, so I seek your knowledge:

As you can see on the screenshots, I have an enemy detect the player presence and rush (with Move To and an easy) and follows the player (with Move Towards), all good, but when the player jumps, the enemy follows in the air, sometimes getting there for a few fractions of a second.

I want to lock the enemy to the ground so it never jumps with the player, but keep following. I tried some vector3 setups, but could't figure out the logic.

Please bear in mind I'm new to these tools, I'm more than happy to read or watch anything you can think would help me also. I read and watched a lot in the past few weeks, to get enough to get me started. I'm sorry if this is already answered around here, I searched for hours now, no luck, so I diceded to ask for help.

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