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Playmaker Tips & Tricks / Updating Unity and Playmaker(always scary)
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:36:29 PM »
Yesterday I made a scary decision.
"I will update unity and Playmaker!"

Whenever I update Unity and Playmaker, horrible many error messages came to me.
Anyway, sometimes I need to to that.

I updated Unity 5.3.4 -> 5.6.1 / Playmaker 1.8 -> 1.8.4
(alway back up before this.)

1. Open Unity 5.3.4 Project on 5.6.1
It took a long time to import things. And after then, Everything was magenta colored. It's a common material problem.
We need to 'reimport all'
Material problem can be easily fixed using 'reimport all'. (sometimes, we should change some shader. Or delete old shader.)

2.No 'PlayMaker' menu.
And still there's many error messages. I couldn't understand them. And there's no 'playmaker menu' on the menu bar.
I'm using 'LeanTween playmaker action' from assetstore. 2 actions of them caused problem. I deleted them. This means, some old actions can cause fatal problem.

3. Famous language folder problem.
Check this.

I deleted some language folders. And then, 'playmaker' menu came back.

4. But still many error messages and I couldn't run the game.
I updated Playmaker. I didn't erase the asset. I just imported latest version(1.8.4).
Some actions were updated. And some error messages are cleared.
I pushed 'update all FSMs in build'. But problems were still remained.

5. GetComponent action's variable re-assign
My final problem was 'NavMesh Agent'. The 'get component' caused problems. At a glance, there were nothing wrong. Anyway, I re-assigned the NavMeshAgent variable's object type. And then, I could clear all the error messages.

6. Need bake light map again.
This is not related with PlayMaker. Anyway after updating Unity, lightmap should be baked again.

Now...almost every problem was cleared. :-)

Updating is...really horrible. But possible!

In Short :

1. Some wrong playmaker action can cause fatal problem. We need to fix them or delete.(losing playmaker menu)
2. Unity and Playmaker's version compatibility is important. Just import newer version.
3. I still don't know about the language folder problem.
4. 'update all FSMs in build' can clear some problems.
5. Look 'GetComponent' action if you are using them. Sometimes we need to assign the variable's object type again.

User Showcase / King Of Soccer : Football Run
« on: June 28, 2017, 08:53:20 PM »
Recently I Released my second game.
A simple runner game.
I wanted to run like Messi or Ronaldo. So I created this game :-)

<King Of Soccer : Football Run>



And this is Trailer movie.

I'm One man developer DreamyTyper.

Thank you.

Yesterday, I published my game. <Time Stopper> !!

Now it's available on Google Play Store.
Here's Trailer movie.

Playmaker helped me a lot! Thank you playmaker!!

google Play store:

Game Trailer

Playmaker Help / Hello, Some strange component appeared!
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:25:44 AM »
Yesterday, I found unseen components in some objects' inspectors.
Look at the screen shot. It's one of them.

Play Maker Trigger Enter(script)
Play Maker Trigger Exit(script)
Play Maker Trigger FixedUpdate(script)

I didn't make them. They were not there. As you can see in the screen shot, those are something about WP8. If I double click the script, the visual studio opens PlayMaker.dll

What are they?

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