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Playmaker Bug Reporting / LocationService is being used
« on: May 21, 2017, 12:39:18 PM »
GetLocationInfo, StartLocationServiceUpdates and StopLocationServiceUpdates actions use Input.location. This results in a build warning using Unity 5.6, saying the LocationService is being used, but the Location Usage Description is empty. Is it possible to have these actions somehow guarded so they are not available by default?


Working on some templates I noticed all my events were marked as global. Now I am at the start of using PlayMaker and only have a couple of templates, so that's fine. But now the FINISHED system event is still marked as global in the event browser, and all system events are greyed out there, so I can't change their state.

I am really wondering where this state is stored, since I don't have a PlayMakerGlobals.asset in my project.

A similar post regarding the issue can be found at


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