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Work In Progress... / Free medical simulator for you to download
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:25:11 AM »

This is a medical simulator that I made with Playmaker and it works through Unity Web Player. Its been created to help explain medical vernacular to the general public.

Website link to project – MEDICAL BROWSER -

This non-profit research project is free for anyone to have along with all the source files, PM me if you would like it and you can download the project, I just need a few more weeks to finish it, or if you would like to help then I would also be more than happy for you to do so. I will also be making an open source website that will allow anyone to develop any aliments such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, strokes and so on and load them back up onto a central website a bit like a Wiki, (if any one knows of a solution before i make this then i would love to hear your ideas).

I have been given permission from the National Health Service to take information from their website for this project and I have until mid-December to refine the prototype as a proof of concept.

I have made this prototype as a proof of concept and it will take a little bit longer for me to finish as I am doing it outside of my full time job. So if anyone would like to help or has any ideas on the direction for this project then I would love to hear them.

I am a firm believer that serious games can have a very positive effect for the health of society. As Unity Web Player can be viewed anywhere in the world I believe it’s the right platform for this project.

Also here is the Playmaker flow chat.

Inside Playmaker the ".anim" file will not show up? it just says "No Animations on Object"

Here is the FBX file, if anyone can test it I will buy you a pizza :)

I have just tried

FBX settings

General Options - > check default file extension
under include -> only smooth mesh is checked and reference container content
under animation - > check animation
under bake simulation -> check bake simulation
under deformed models - > deformed models and skin is checked (although I don't believe you can use deformed models
uncheck cameras and uncheck lights
scale factor - > centimeters
FBX file format -> ASCII
FBX -> 2014

I have also tried FBX -> 2013, 12, 11, 10

I am not sure what else to try?

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