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any ideas how to fight against a 'lag' inbetween camera movement and a UI element update onscreen?

i have a FSM
- grabbing a scene object X and Y world position
- immediately doing 'WorldToScreenPoint'
- applying this position to a UI canvas element.

The goal is to have an info bubble which flies above an object and is UI (not worldspace)
Usage example: Imagine you have a door and over the handle i want a bubble saying "press E to open"

Now my camera is a FPS style controlled with the mouse.
The problem is that if user moves the camera around, even gently, the UI info bubble updates it's position onscreen with some latency.
i basically want to get rid of this latency to the maximum.

i have been reading posts about: but the 3 options here don't seem to make any difference.

I also tried to make the set position normaly or as "late update" but it does not change anything.

Long story short : since this UI element is the thing in front of the eyes of players at all times i want it to be as responsive as possible and with a lag inferior to what human eye can catch.
Also i dont want lag on slower harware configs.

stumbled upon these posts:
not sure if i can make an FSM (custom script ?) as the highest prio in my project ?

there are so many options here that i don't know in which direction to start.
maybe someone can help me save some long experimentation hours ?
thanks in advance.

Playmaker Help / Know last 'U Gui Button On Click' Event Source
« on: July 03, 2018, 03:58:54 AM »

i searched the forum and echosystem for this.

is there a simple way to store the last button which generated an event via this action :

too bad this action does not have an additional param which would be "button script carrier" and we could store that in a gameobject variable.

in a state i have several stacked actions monitoring several buttons.
i was thinking about 3 ways to accomplish this but both feels overkill for me.
also each of these seems kinda viable if you just have 2 up to 5 buttons, but if you have way more buttons all look very complex to handle a simple problem.

1) on each of the buttons monitored : put an FSM-event call in OnClick() in the inspector. Call another FSM which has only one role : catch with a global transition event which button of the pool of buttons was the last pressed.

2) the simple stupid one : put a different event on EACH of the stacked actions, and save the clicked button in a global variable before doing anything else.
the problem is that this solution looks ugly to me. it visually pollutes the FSM.

3) -Does not work-
Right above each 'U Gui Button On Click' of my stack : put a "set gameobject" and store the button from the action right under in a variable (same variable for all onclick's).

given that the state will exit via one of the OnClick's it means that it will not execute the gameobject assignation lower than the actual button which was just pressed. As a result the variable would have the last pressed button saved.

Any suggestions to handle this the most clean and easily maintenable way ?

Playmaker Help / Can't hide StateLabels on objects using an FSM template
« on: February 12, 2014, 02:41:19 PM »

i have an issue with StateLabels.
i created a working FSM. it has the option "Show state labels in game view" set to OFF

now i use this template on other objects ...
but the "Show state labels in game view" is ON in all cases and the button is not interactive

how can i get rid of the labels ??


i have a prefab working as i want and his FSM too.
now when i use CreateObject to create other instances of this prefab in my scene...

its seems that the parameter "Parent" from "SetParent" Action is turned to
(it "forgets" about what i fine tuned in my original prefab :-( )

Any idea why the original parameter from the prefab is not copied ?
is there a special rule that forbids to copy a parent of a prefab ?

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