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Playmaker Help / Can't hide StateLabels on objects using an FSM template
« on: February 12, 2014, 02:41:19 PM »

i have an issue with StateLabels.
i created a working FSM. it has the option "Show state labels in game view" set to OFF

now i use this template on other objects ...
but the "Show state labels in game view" is ON in all cases and the button is not interactive

how can i get rid of the labels ??


i have a prefab working as i want and his FSM too.
now when i use CreateObject to create other instances of this prefab in my scene...

its seems that the parameter "Parent" from "SetParent" Action is turned to
(it "forgets" about what i fine tuned in my original prefab :-( )

Any idea why the original parameter from the prefab is not copied ?
is there a special rule that forbids to copy a parent of a prefab ?

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