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Feature Requests / TagMask inspector Type
« on: October 17, 2013, 02:28:09 AM »
you have created this awesome way to set a layermask, and then to turn that into a normal binary int. Can you do the same for tags? I think it might be very useful in a lot of actions, and , y'know ... I need it in one of the A* actions but I've no idea how to approach this :D


Feature Requests / Hide Action in action tab
« on: June 29, 2013, 03:01:44 AM »
It would be very handy if you could implement a way to make scripts that inherit from HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmStateAction not show up in the actions tab.

In my current case, I have a couple of scripts that all use many of the same variables and functions, and I'd like for them to inherit from a script so that I won't have to change each script individiually if I have to change any of these functions or variables.
However, I don't want for that script to actually show in the Actions tab in PlayMaker, because it might confuse people. It needs to inherit from HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmStateAction though, because the scripts that inherit from it are real actions and should show up.

So yeah, this is probably a very simple request, but it would be very nice to have. It'd need to be a bool that could be either true or false (because if my actions inherit from a script that does not show up in the actions tab, then they wouldn't show up either, so you'd need to be able to override the "Do not show" with "Do show".)

General Discussion / anyone wants to make a game with me ? :D
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:42:02 AM »
Hey guys,
I'm bored and so I thought I'd ask whether anybody here wants to create a small commercial game with me. I was thinking of subgenre of 2D casual (maybe a puzzle game or something) which could be done by one person in maybe 2 months. Depending on how many people are interested, this could be a rather short project :D

As for my motivation, I'm kinda low on job offers now that I had to refuse some because of my finals. So I thought it might be nice to actually work in a team again instead of (like apparently every boss prefers) working on parts of projects without even knowing the names of your coworkers .
Furthermore I'd like to manage a team driven project that makes it into the store. I still hope to found a small studio somewhere in the future, and that might be a good start I think.

Anyone who's interested and who has either a very good understanding of PlayMaker and/or a secondary skill like real programming, 2D art (heck, if you know how to render your 3D stuff properly, then 3D is just as acceptable), sound, etc, just comment here or send me a mail :)
Revenue is of course split by merit.
Let's see if this works :D

(PS: yeah I know this is all a bit vague, since it's such a small project I haven't even thought of a real concept, but I'm open to everything in that timeframe, so shoot :) )

Feature Requests / slight changes to the "Goto Previous State"
« on: February 10, 2013, 06:03:07 AM »
Hey, I really like the options the GotoPreviousState action gives us, but would it be possible to add an option to pick off where you last left the previous state? That would allow some awesome organisation.
One could create states with global transitions and then call them from any other state with the send event action. Then one could just use the GotoPreviousState action at the end of these states and it would pick up right after the send event.
So effectively such a small addition could really make the lives of all the programmers here so much easier, by offering an option to use states just like functions in any coding language.

General Discussion / one hell of a community
« on: January 30, 2013, 01:41:00 PM »
Did you know, that about 15 minutes after the site went up again, there were 89 guests and 11 users online? I mean, I too have been bored and all, but seriously? 100 people have apparently constantly pressed the refresh button for 2 days to finally get back into the forums ? That's crazy. Positively so :D

General Discussion / Anyone knows "Hazard : The journey of life " ?
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:25:52 AM »
Hey there, I'm normally not at all someone to look forwards to the release of a game... but this is by far the best game I have ever had the pleasure to play or watch. I've been looking forward to its release for years now :D Well, on January 31st it will finally be released. Although it was renamed to "Antichamber".

So ehh, if you got money to spare and want to play something totally irradically new both graphically and gamplaywise then go get it. It will likely revolutize the game industry :)
If you don't believe me, have a look at one of the early demos from 3 years ago :

What do you think?

General Discussion / what do you do to not get distracted while working?
« on: January 03, 2013, 10:55:36 AM »
Hey Guys,
This is a question that really interests me quite a lot! We know it all, whether you're an artist or a programmer, sometimes you just sit in front of your screen and do nothing. There's no apparent reason for why we're doing this, but we just sit there and stare at the screen. Some people instead watch their own game running forever. Or they check the forums and mail every 5 minutes which can be just as unproductive.

Do you know of any tricks against this kind of behavior? I know some but even though I do this professionally for more than a year, it's still a huge problem to me.
My partial solutions:

1) Music. I mean without music I couldn't keep my mind to it at all. I create playlists that are roughly 90 min long and ...

2) ... at the end of each playlist I stand up to do some shadow boxing, you know, against arthritis and all. This also helps thinking about what to do next. I know of other people who do yoga or the like :D

3) planning : If I can't finish something within my set timeframe I take pen and paper and split the task into very small subtasks. Then I always get a sense of achievement each time I can strike one of the items from the list. Sometimes this speeds up the work by a lot. But it also takes some of your inspirational creativity which you can only get due to trial and error, so I try to avoid strict planning.

What do you think about these "solutions"? Do you have better ones? Even if they sound ridiculous, if it's within my power I'll try them all. :P

Share New Actions / ArrayMaker find closest gameObject
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:56:39 AM »
sure this is easily possible with just the actions we have already, but it's also something one does quite a lot so I thought a dedicated action may speed things up, at least it does so for me. Additionally, it's always faster to use scripts, though in this case I made some additional optimizations (y'know, hello world style optimisations :D Like it uses sqrMagnitude instead of Magnitude/Distance etc).
while I'm at this, kudos to jean for making his plugin available for free and for everyone :)

Share New Actions / UVRaycast, UVScreenCast, UVMousePick and GetTextureSize
« on: December 23, 2012, 06:58:37 AM »
This is for the most part the default raycast action. It has one more function though, as it allows you to get the uv coordinates of the collision point, if the collider is a mesh collider.

Together with GetTextureSize , SetPixelColor, GetPixelColor and ApplyTextureChanges ( ), this will allow you to do all kinds of drawing and texture editing ingame.
Not to mention permanent and ,after the creation, free decals.

Feature Requests / ExecuteInEditMode
« on: December 23, 2012, 03:58:31 AM »
Ok, I know this sounds kinda big, but shouldn't it be feasable? I mean, this could be added to the main FSM class which every other action extends, and the update function is the same in the actions than in normal scripts.
I'm probably idealistic here , but it sure would be awesome if we could use playMaker to create editor tools too.


Playmaker Help / instance(object) cleanup in Unity/Playmaker
« on: December 20, 2012, 05:32:05 AM »
Hey, I've been wondering, I've written some actions which instantiate new kinds of objects, like meshes etc. I know that if I define a variable within a function, it is automatically cleared once the function is completed. However, in some cases I need to use global private variables too. What happens to them after the action is completed? Is there some mechanism for this built in Unity/ Playmaker? Or could it cause stack overflows etc?


Share New Actions / get pixel color, set pixel color, apply texture changes
« on: December 18, 2012, 02:07:54 PM »
Some of the actions needed to generate a terrain from a heightmap (regarding;topicseen#msg12580)
More to come.

Share New Actions / unity serializer save/load gameObject
« on: November 27, 2012, 08:28:55 AM »
A nice feature of the unity serializer by M.J. Talbot (whydoitdoit) is the ability to save and load a single gameObject.
Since it's not part of the default playMaker actions and since I couldn't find any more of them, here they are :)


Share New Actions / calculate bounds
« on: November 24, 2012, 05:45:07 AM »
I'm not sure if there's not already some way to do this with playMaker, but this action lets you get the bounds of an object. To understand what bounds are, add a box collider to any gameObject in your scene. Those are the dimensions of the local bounding box, also call the rendered bounds.
So if your actual mesh changes ingame (like if you're using a text system like toolkit2D or the like) you can call this action and then set the collider size to the vector3 value this action returns.

So the global bounds is like the local bounds, only that it does not rotate. It will calculate itself from the most right/left up/down forwards/backwards points of your mesh and it will always do so while being aligned to the axis.
More visual, if you have one rotated box in the scene, then the global bounding box will give you the size an unrotated box needs to completely surrond the rotated box.

All in all this can be used for all kinds of things, including manual collisions and the like.


Share New Actions / A* pathfinding (stable 0v841)
« on: November 07, 2012, 09:26:38 AM »
This project is currently deprecated. Please wait til mid march for an updated version.

What is this package?
This is an implementation of Aron Granberg's A* pathfinding package into PlayMaker. Unlike other actions and addons, it not only offers the functions of the original package as actions, but it also extends and greatly simplifies complex processes. This is why each action is usually rather complex and why progress is seemingly slow :)

What is pathfinding and Why should I use it?
Pathfinding solutions are systems that take your environment and interpret it in a simple way. Then they use this simple data, which is called a "graph" to find a valid path from point a to point b. Depending on your settings the path may avoid walls, holes or even try to avoid grounds that are walkable, but slow, like swamps, if the extra way around them is worth it in the end.
Unity itself has pathfinding too, but it is very weak compared to any of the available packages. If you want to place objects at runtime for example, and then want your actors (the gameObjects that move around, like your enemies) to avoid them, then that will not be possible with the default unity pathfinding.

More information can be found on Aron Granberg's website :

Is it better than XXX?
If you're thinking whether you should use this solution over another then that is a fairly simple question atm. This package is for those who want maximum exposure of settings, and maximum performance. On the other hand there is a real learning curve involved. Aron's package is open source and it's vast. Additionally, I have and will continue to add all kind of stuff to make other things possible or more accessible.
Aron's package is also a wise choice for anyone working on a mobile platform.

Have a look at the following vid if you do not know how to use specified object variables. The variables involved with the actions are under FsmPathfinding:

Install instructions 0v83free
1) Download the package (see bottom of the thread)
2) extract the content of the 7z into your assets folder.
3) Install python 3 or make sure your python version is 3.0 or later
4) Run the in the AstarPlayMakerInstaller folder.

Install instructions 0v82 pro
0) Install Aron Granbergs astarPro package in your project (no need for js support anymore, though it doesn't hurt either :D )
1) Download the package (see bottom of the thread)
2) extract the content of the 7z into your assets folder.
3) Install python 3 or make sure your python version is 3.0 or later
4) Run the in the AstarPlayMakerInstaller folder.

Upgrade to (pro):

 -- Same as Install instructions for pro --

This is a stable release now. I've created a prototype tower defense without any problems and am currently building a full fledged rts, so no worries that this will get lost ;) If you find any bugs, tell me. If you find something odd, tell me and if you have a better idea on how to do things, commit it here or just directly critisize my work. No worries there :D

What we've got so far:
You can create point graphs at runtime and use any type of graph that was setup before.
You can use a custom controller or choose from Transform, CharacterController, RVOController and Rigidbodies/Rigidbodies with fixed velocity.
You can either use a vector3 or a gameObject as a target, and you can run away from it, run towards it, follow it until you're close, follow it forever, copy the movement of the target (shadow it) until you reach it or forever, flee a certain distance from it, flee forever from it or you can just walk randomly around :D
You can smoothly follow a path or use modifiers to actually make the path smooth (currently only subdivisions)
You can access all the node information, graph information and astarPath information (main A* information).
There's also lots of other goodies, like calculating the time of arrival for an actor if he moves along a path, or getting and setting the walkability in an area, but I don't feel like listing them all up. If you feel like something is missing, then just leave a comment and I'll probably integrate it in like 19/20 cases.

Upcoming stuffs:
0v85/0v86 :
- back to c# Since the installer will force a js supporting structure, why bother?
- fix actor failing if the node he's currently standing  on is unwalkable
- fix smooth modifier on point graphs. Implement other modifiers. Merge all in one action.
- add "shadow offset" for group movement
- option to instantly create a path.
- fix auto option which to be honest is ridiculously outdated/broken
- compare nodeType action
- integrate tags into the actions
- add name option to pointgraph creation actions [done] and create a system to access graphs by name (I think this could be rather useful on larger projects)
- create GridGraphAction
- destroy Graph action

long term ideas:
- create a system for actors to smoothly follow a path [in progress]
- create a system for actors that makes them walk in a straight line if possible, ignoring exact node positions, and only using them where necessary (eg corners). This should both save performance and look better, so it should definitely not use recast.
- make system to move multiple actors at once (eg in formation like in rts, this will likely be part of my future "advanced" version)
- general performance boosts.
- claim and release paths for memory optimization (potentially important for mobile, but this needs some reading in)
- Complete grid graph support. (almost established)

Other People involved : ZeroSigma, hannibalov, LampRabbit

Current Status of the tutorial series:

1) Project Setup

2) Graph Basics

3) Movement basics

Astar-PlayMaker Download :

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