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Work In Progress... / omgitstri's prototype
« on: Today at 05:41:36 PM »

I've been using playmakers for a few years now and I never really posted anything and my coworker ended up convincing me to start sharing my works so I'd like to share some of the prototypes I've made using playmaker. Comments and feedbacks are greatly appreciated  ;D

(WIP) Builder - The idea of the prototype is to be able to create buildings quickly with friendly UX:

(WIP) ColorAbsorption - Initial idea is to have an environment filled with color, the character can use magic but to use magic they must absorb color from the environment. Planned to merge this prototype with my Builder

Character Rig is provided by FRANCISCO CERCHIARA MONTERO

Tri Nguyen


I am currently messing around with Playmaker Template and I am trying to create a small drag & drop inventory system. I try to make it so I'd use the action 'Add Component' at the beginning of the template to make it so things would work with just the template alone and not having to worry about adding the required components each time I want to recycle the template.

The problem I'm running to right now is that the 'PlayMakerUGuiDragEventsProxy.cs' does not work very well during run-time. I add the component to the GameObject but the script does not work until I select the GameObject in the Hierarchy.

I tried [Adding the component] > [Deactivate GameObject] > [Activate GameObject] but that did not seems to help

I ran a few other tests with playmaker UGui scripts and I manage to get components like 'PlayMakerUGuiCanvasRaycastFilterEventsProxy.cs' to be added during run-time.

Tri Nguyen

Playmaker Bug Reporting / Cannot Modify Array Size in Inspector
« on: October 11, 2016, 01:30:02 AM »

I seem to have run into a problem while using the Array variable, when I enable it in the inspector I cannot seem to be able to modify its size in the inspector. It still works fine in the Playmaker Editor. I can still modify the elements in both the inspector & the editor though.


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