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Hi all,

A month ago, we released Instant AI Bots for PlayMaker. Since then, we have ranked Top 10 in Paid Assets of the A.I. category on the Asset Store. We have listened to our users' suggestions and we made tons of improvements with our latest release!  Our new release includes many new features including grenade A.I., sniper A.I., and UFPS integration!

- We are the most advanced, and easiest to use battle A.I. solution for PlayMaker -

Asset Store Link:!/content/31067
Frequently Asked Questions:
Video Tutorial (fast setup):

NEW MOBILE DEMO #1 (Android APK Download):!ewEyRJzZ!YL56azm2y4ykiWqwDMQr6eMajnndxpkDcK-tQVkI7mI
(This uses the same included Big Brawl scene, compiled to Android APK. For some reason, the Unity apk requests GPS permissions - don't worry, no information is collected/ sent to us.

A plug-and-play solution for making advanced battle A.I. in PlayMaker. Make any 3D model the child of our A.I. prefab and it will instantly come to life! Our pre-built FSM building blocks enable you to quickly create behavior trees inside the PlayMaker editor itself, right at home with the rest of your game logic. You don't need to program, or even edit the FSM graphs - simply tweak over 50 FSM variables for fast setup!

INCLUDES 20+ DEMO SCENES! (Here's a few):
Real Time Command-Move:
Advanced Retreat Maneuvers:
First Person Shooter Game:
Basic Melee Demo:
Bot Auto-Reloads Weapon:
Basic Tower Defense:
Big Brawl (20 bots):
Capture the Flag:
2D Platformer (Basic Setup):
Neutral NPC Chatting (RPG Townspeople):

Beginners will love the way this lets them hit the ground running and learn advanced PlayMaker techniques. Advanced users will love the rapid development focus, modular approach, expansion capabilities, and smooth integration.

High Performance (Ready for big battles!)

Maximum Customization:
- 50+ Editable Variables per bot
- Easily integrate into popular game kits
- Scriptable
- Do everything with FSMs

Awareness System:
- Sight Awareness System
- Hearing Awareness System
- Line of Sight System
- Environment data (global vars accessible to scripts)

- Built-in real time health data
- Armor system/damage reduction
- Global TakeDamage FSM event accessible by scripts/other FSMs
- Health percentage calculations
- Death animation slots and special effects

- Dynamic Enemy Targeting & Tagging
- Dynamic Chasing
- Dynamic Retreating
- Dodging
- Taunting Enemy / Pre-attack actions
- Reflex time and random time
- Real-time commands
- Rules of Engagement

- Mecanim Compatible
- Advanced Animation Controller Included
- Built-in Support for Multi Animation Layers
- Humanoid Avatar Masks Included
- Animation slots clearly labeled in FSMs for easy searching
- On-hit effects and pre-built slots

Movement & Patrol
- Visual Waypoint Editor
- Walk or Run Event options
- Multiple Waypoint Patterns
- Unlimited Waypoints
- Random Wandering (non-Waypoint)
- Dynamic Chasing
- Multiple Patrol Patterns w/ options to engage enemies during transit
- Dynamic Avoidance (uses NavMesh built-in avoidance to improve performance)

- Ranged + Melee Attacks
- Deals combo of ranged and melee damage
- Trigger-pull speed/reflexes
- Weapon reloading (A.I. automatic)
- Attack animation slots ready
- Taunts/Pre-attack actions
- Random damage generation
- Run-time modification
- Weapon System w/ burst fire mode
- Sniper weapon ready (instant damage)
- 2 types of damage systems
- Built-in projectile system w/ random damage generator
- Exposed globals allows for script/FSM access

Real Time Commands
- 11 Built-In Commands Allows for Combinations of: Idle, Wander, Move, Attack, Hold, Patrol
- Commands given through FSMs without any programming (though it is possible)

Other Features
- Built-in Random Spawn System
- Built-in Name Tags (appears above bot)
- Logical, commented, and modular FSM designs
- Easy to access by scripts and other systems, game kits, etc...
- Learn advanced PlayMaker techniques
- 40+ Page Offline PDF Documentation
- Bonus Camera Tour Creator
- Bonus Tactical Add-ons
- Example C# Scripts
- 20+ Example Scenes

Expandable: Although programming experience isn't needed, you can use custom scripts to manipulate the FSMs. Example scripts are provided! You can also download or buy additional add-ons from our website to save you even more time. This AI framework is mainly geared towards battle A.I. and is only recommended for such.

Recommended Uses: FPS, RTS, Action RPG, 2D Platformers that Use 3D Models

Technical Requirements:
- Unity 4.3+
- PlayMaker 1.7+ (NOT INCLUDED)
- NavMesh-powered project (your scenes must be Navmesh baked before bots will work)
- Mecanim-powered Characters (needed for out-of-box functionality but not necessary)

User Showcase / UFPS + PlayMaker Demo (and source!)
« on: June 12, 2015, 03:23:46 AM »
Hi all,

Happy to tell you that we successfully integrated PlayMaker with UFPS.  These 2 great tools combine to form a powerful way to create FPS games quickly.

Check out our webplayer demo here:

Cant play? Watch the gameplay video:

For source files (though for a different UFPS integration demo), check out our website at:

or Find us on the asset store:!/content/31067

We made the most advanced and easiest to use A.I. kit for PlayMaker and UFPS integration is just a small example to show what you can do with our kit.

Hello all,

Most of your A.I. needs are now solved!

We're excited to announce the release of our new A.I. product, "Instant AI Bots for PlayMaker", a package of pre-built FSMs and custom scripts to help you create A.I. without programming!

Why did we make this?  We noticed that you can do pretty much all your A.I. behavior trees right within the PlayMaker editor itself, without having to learn yet another 3rd party UI -- and we want to help you do that.  This way, you keep your A.I. logic right alongside the rest of your game logic, all at home with PlayMaker.

This is intended for BOTH beginner and advanced PlayMaker users.

The product includes LOTS of example scenes, including: FPS, Tower Defense, Capture the Flag, and more!

Unity4 + Unity5 ready.

You can find all these examples, a gameplay video, and tutorial video all on the Asset Store product page.

Asset Store Link:!/content/31067
Beta price: $50.

p.s. This thread is not intended to be a support forum. For technical support, please email us instead. Thanks!!

Comments, suggestions, welcome.  We'll be incredibly busy upcoming weeks with travel and updating the package to ensure compatibility, so sorry in advance if we aren't very active on this forum.

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