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Playmaker Bug Reporting / 1.8.5 - Change in 'None' behaviour?
« on: November 23, 2017, 09:05:09 AM »
Hi everyone

Since upgrading to Unity 2017.2 and Playmaker 1.8.5 I've hit a few problems which I've eventually tracked down to how an Action parameter set to 'None' behaves.

For example, take a simple Rotate action:

Use Owner
X - None
Y - None
Z - 2
Every frame

...will cause the object to rotate in all axis at the same time. If I change the action to

Use Owner
X - 0
Y - 0
Z - 2
Every frame

will cause it to just rotate in the Z axis as desired.

I'm sure it used to be that if you left an option set to 'None' then it would ignore it, but it seems to be picking random values for it instead. I've also had this happen with a Move Towards action with an XYZ target set - the object would move to an incorrect random position until I'd specifically set the Target Object to 'None(GameObject)' rather than the default 'None' drop down.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Playmaker Help / Input response problems using controller
« on: July 17, 2017, 06:55:40 AM »
Hi everyone

I'm using Get Axis and Set Velocity to move the player left and right in a top down shooter. When using the keyboard, it works exactly how I want it to.

However when trying to use an Xbox controller and the left analogue stick, the player moves but without the 'buffer' that it has when using the keys (i.e. when using keys, when you release the key, the player movement slows to a stop. When you release the stick, the movement stops immediately).

I've fiddled with Input Manager settings to try and fix this but with no luck. Is there something easy I'm missing here? How can I replicate that nice buffered movement you get with keyboard input with the controller?


User Showcase / Kirigami - cute puzzle game made with Playmaker!
« on: July 17, 2017, 02:16:58 AM »

We use Playmaker to teach gameplay scripting at WCG, and this year our students have made a number of games using it.

Try out Kirigami which is a cute 2.5D point and click puzzle game. It was made by one person, and it's the first game she's ever made!

Tip: Use the arrow keys not WASD to move, or you'll encounter some animation problems.

Would  be great to hear what you think!

Hi all,

This is probably more of a general Unity problem than Playmaker specific, but any help would be appreciated!

In a VR game I'm using Set Velocity and Set Angular Velocity to 'throw' objects out of the back of a moving truck that is animated driving in a large circle. The objects thrown are currently set to be a child of the truck. The throwing functionality works fine but the direction the objects are thrown in changes related to what part of the circle animation the truck is currently at. Sometimes it works fine but at other positions in the animation the object flies off to the side at a strange angle.

I'm guessing this is due to the objects being parented to the truck, but if I parent the thrown object to nothing it zooms off into the distance when thrown (due to not inheriting the velocity the player is travelling at).

Current solutions I'm pondering:
- Modify the Set Velocity Vector3 somehow to counteract the effect of not inheriting the speed the player is moving at
- Parent to something else

But in each case I'm stuck for ideas, this is a physics problem that's beyond my brain capacity!

Any help would be appreciated!

Playmaker Tips & Tricks / General debugging - tips and tricks?
« on: April 06, 2017, 03:21:44 AM »
Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to debug FSMs that aren't performing as hoped. I'm guessing most people using Playmaker do so because they aren't programmers (like me), and whilst you can learn the Playmaker logic and get stuff to happen, when you hit a problem, it can be difficult to track down the source if you haven't got the programmer training which teaches you debugging principles.

My first approach is usually the 'Rubber duck debugging' technique (working through every state explaining what each action does as if I was talking to a child) at which point I often realise what I've done wrong. But has anyone else got any suggestions or tips, particularly those which use Playmaker's debugging tools?


VR Help / Starting out with Daydream development
« on: December 05, 2016, 05:47:28 AM »
Hi everyone

I'm just starting out with Daydream experiments - I've got the sample scenes exporting from Unity fine, but have now hit a wall as there don't seem to be any Playmaker actions available anywhere for Daydream yet. Reading through the API there's all sorts of functions of the controller that would be cool to access.

Has anyone done anything with Daydream yet, and if so, what PM actions are you using, and are you using the proper controller or a remote phone controller?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


Playmaker Help / Don't Destroy on Load + Arraymaker [SOLVED]
« on: August 17, 2016, 10:16:26 AM »

I have a level select screen scene which contains an array with a list of target completion times for all the different levels.

When I load a level from the level select screen I want this array to still be accessible so the FSMs can pull the relevant data from it at runtime, so therefore I've added a Don't Destroy on Load action to the gameobject containing the array. my separate level scenes, how can I target FSMs to that array when it'll only exist in the scene once it's not been destroyed after a level load?

I've tried making a duplicate but this understandably confuses the actions as there's then two objects with the same name, both containing duplicate arrays. I've also tried destroyable the duplicate once the level has loaded but that doesn't seem to work either.

I've seen mention elsewhere of potentially tagging the duplicate array and disabling it that way - but has anyone got any better suggestions?

Many thanks!

Playmaker Help / Setting UI Text within prefab
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:01:09 AM »
Hello everyone

I have some UI text which I need to be duplicated a number of times in my game and displayed and updated simultaneously. I've therefore made it a prefab and am trying to use Set Property to update the text. However, the text does not update - the FSM works fine if I use it on a standard GUI Text object, but if I make that same object into a Prefab and try it it doesn't work.

Is what I'm trying to do even possible?


Playmaker Help / Altering speed of an object doing iTween Move To
« on: October 20, 2015, 07:58:27 AM »

I've got an object moving along a path using iTween Move To. It moves from node to node perfectly, no problems there.

I want to be able to animate the speed of the movement when a key is pressed - I've therefore set a global Float called 'MoveSpeed' which I then animate from 5 down to 0 using an Animate Float action.

The MoveSpeed float value changes correctly over time, however the speed of the moving object never alters. It's almost like once the iTween starts, the values cannot be changed. Is this the case?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Playmaker Help / Rigidbody not working on created prefabs
« on: June 18, 2015, 08:20:15 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've got a prefab object (a tennis ball) which has a rigidbody on it and physic material to make it bounce. If I drag the prefab into the scene and let it fall it bounces around nicely.

However if I spawn that same prefab via an empty game object spawner and using a Create Game Object action, the ball spawns but it will just fall through the floor as if its collider has gone.

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious, but any help appreciated!

(Unity 5.1 and Playmaker
Screenshots of the prefab settings and the spawner FSM attached. The second state you can't see in the screenshot just waits for some time before looping back.

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