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User Showcase / Playmaker Actions For ORK Framework
« on: December 15, 2015, 05:34:33 PM »
Hello everyone!

I've created Playmaker custom action and tools for build FSM event for speed up my workflow at my company for awhile.
This tool help me changed from ORK Event to FSM Event and 292 ORK playmaker action allow me to use Database Actor Prefab and alot of ORK Framework action in playmaker.
That help a lot for tracking process and change param at runtime and easy to working with my teammate.

This plugin provide 292 ORK Framework Playmaker Actions and Tools make ORK Framework even better. Develop for use in real life work this plugin will be update every time after ORK Framework is updated.
Workflow is easy and similar to ORK Framework but you can keep tracking all process , change parameter and save at runtime.

292 ORK Playmaker Actions similar to ORK Event Step.
Can use ORK Database and Resources E.g., Actor, Prefab.
Access database via drop-down parameters on actions inspector.
Most of action parameters have variable toggle button.
All parameters have tool tip when hover mouse over the name.
Can use many ORK actions in the same state.
Can test and save changed parameter at runtime.
Have wizard to create file for working with ORK Framework.
Auto generate dialogue message to description.
Demo scene with brand new ORK guys will tell you how to making cool things.

This Asset supported ORK Framework 2.5.9 and Playmaker
And tested with Playmaker 1.8.0 (beta)
More detail , manual and support on website.

Thank you guys. :)

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