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Playmaker Help / "Play Sound" action weird working
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:18:44 AM »
Something completely incomprehensible happened few days ago - "Play Sound" now not working, or working very strange - sound can play normal ("one shot audio" normal), or play part of sound and quick break off ("one shot audio" quick created and destroyed), or just not playing ("one shot audio" not created).
Everything was fine last week, but now... I have spent three days for find fix for this issue, no progress for now :(
Both consoles clear, big assets not imported (only two with plants), project settings not changed. Please, help! I'm at a loss(

Playmaker Tips & Tricks / How to rotate skybox with Playmaker
« on: February 10, 2017, 10:07:02 AM »
How to rotate skybox with Playmaker
Easy, cheap and quick

Hi, everyone.
In my mobile game I want more live actions with objects and environments, but with less hardware requirements. One of my case – rotate standard 6-sided skybox with integrated “rotate” slider. Sounds simple, looks cute and works well even on old devices.
And how do it with lovely Playmaker?
  • Create empty object, let’s give him name “SkyboxRotate”;
  • Attach “Mesh Renderer” component on it;
  • Create FSM on it, add first start state, add transition “FINISHED”, and add action “Set material float”;
  • First, we need zero rotation from start, so - in action properties: Game object – Use Owner, Material Index – 0, Material – here you must attach your Skybox material, Named Float - _Rotation, Float Value – 0;
  • Next create new state, add same transition “FINISHED” and copy yours “Set material float” action in;
  • Create variable, type – float, name – whatever, in my example – “SkyboxRotate”;
  • In second state on “Set material float” in float value pick ours new float “SkyboxRotate” and check “Every Frame” box;
  • Add here new action “Ease Float”, From Value – 0, To Value – 360, Float Variable – pick “SkyboxRotate”, Time – for me optimal was 1000, Finish Event – FINISHED;
  • Finally for loop just link second state on himself, run and enjoy 8)

FSM screenshot
State 1 screenshot
State 2 screenshot
Live sample (14mb gif, Time set to 500)

You can create your own Skybox-material with code or with shader tool like Shader Forge, uShader etc. and interact with it with this simple trick.
Hope, my small guide will be useful for someone :)

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