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Pre-release Discussion / Getting access to 1.8 for U5 beta?
« on: December 23, 2014, 04:09:24 AM »
I was wondering how I get access to the 1.8 beta, I've just purchased the asset from the asset store.

Playmaker Help / set audio loop doesn't work/none functional component
« on: September 18, 2013, 05:02:38 PM »
I have tried everything but I cannot get the audio to loop. it just stops after the first play through. I've put in 20 of them and it still doesn't seem to work.

I've put in a Set Audio Loop action, Set Audio Clip but that doesn't do anything and is totally silent.

Adding an Audio Play plays the sound once before stopping. I've tried setting PlayOnAwake but that also doesn't do jack.

I guess this is a bug that's getting fixed?

Looks like you are using some global variables since there are more than a few errors from missing fields.

PlayMaker>Tools>Export Globals

I've had absolutely NO luck with this unfortunately, I've been at it for a few more days and made no progress on getting it implemented. Here is my project so far (with the architecture removed and just the basics left in.

The elevator needs to keep doing unless the down or up button is pressed in which case it will stop on the required floor.

Hi there, please see attached scene. The FSM should do exactly as you describe. You set the number of floors you want via the maxFloors variable (available in inspector) and you can travel up and down to that number looping through floors 3 and 4 to simulate a bigger building.

Left mouse button goes up, and right goes down. The floor you are currently on is displayed in a label at top left corner.

There's probably better ways you can do it, but this should get you on your way. Hope it helps :)

Screenshot of FSM:

Cheers, I'll have a go at implementing it a bit later today and get back to you later. :)

I've tried many, many, many different solutions but I always come up short and just can't seem to figure it out.

I'm trying to develop a simplified elevator system. There is a lobby with 4 'real' floors, but I want there to be an infinite number of theoretical floors. What really happens is the elevator loops through floors 3 and 4 (once the elevator reaches the 4th floor it will teleport back to the 3rd). I have a global variable that needs to increase each time the elevator reaches the next floor, and decrease when going down. When the elevator is stopped on a theoretical floor it stops and lets the player out on the 3rd floor (the 4th is an exact clone of the 3rd, so the user doesn't see the 'switch' when I teleport the elevator). However the player thinks they are on a much higher floor.

When the user stands inside a trigger zone (placed near the buttons) and presses Fire1 (left mouse button) they press the 'go up' button. If they stand in the same trigger and press Fire 2 they go down, unless they are on floor 1, in which case nothing happens except the doors closing. If the user presses either Fire1 or Fire2 while inside the trigger the elevator needs to stop on the next floor (whether going up or down). Floors 1 and 2 are different (a lobby) so those cannot be looped, and act as the base floors.

Please someone help me or give me some clues. I seem to be hopelessly stuck. Every solution I think I come up with falls through and doesn't work. I've asked on the Unity forums but people don't seem to know how to do it (I think most of them are artists or idea people)

FYI: I am using Playmaker

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