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Playmaker Announcements / Playmaker actions for Playfab
« on: October 23, 2016, 10:48:55 AM »
Hi guys. Anyone using both Playfab and PlayMaker in their projects? Well, today's your lucky day. I'm implementing Playfab API as actions for Playfab. I have implemented them as part of Decompression project. You can try the game on:
. So far the available actions are:

  • ConfirmPurchaseAction.cs
  • GetCatalogItemsAction.cs
  • GetPhotonAuthenticationTokenAction.cs
  • GetTitleDataAction.cs
  • GetUserDataAction.cs
  • GetUserInventoryAction.cs
  • LoginWithAndroidDeviceAction.cs
  • LoginWithDeviceAction.cs
  • LoginWithGameCenterAction.cs
  • LoginWithGoogleAccountAction.cs
  • LoginWithIOSDeviceIDAction.cs
  • LoginWithSocialAccountAction.cs
  • RedeemCouponAction.cs
  • RestoreIOSPurchasesAction.cs
  • StartPurchaseAction.cs
  • UpdateUserDataAction.cs
  • ValidateGooglePlayPurchaseAction.cs
  • ValidateIOSReceiptAction.cs

And I'm constantly adding others!

Actions are open-source and available on github:

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