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User Showcase / Re: Pacifism (Geometry wars recreation for Android)
« on: August 26, 2017, 06:48:25 AM »
Wow Evil Gremlin,  hi and Im sorry I did not see your reply before.

Im glad youve enjoyed the game. I still play it myself sometimes as it is one of the better FREE geometry wars pacifism mode alternatives (even if I do say so myself).

I really did not expect anyone to reply here and stopped checking after a while, but I really appreciate you taking the time and it is really cool to know that you played the game before you saw it here on the forum.

Playmaker Help / Re: UI buttons donĀ“t turn off
« on: August 26, 2017, 06:43:36 AM »

Why dont you just disable the button game ovject?

This way, you dont just make the button invisible, but you actually make it disappear by disabling it.

Not sure what the interactable action is for or why it is not working.

That is what I usually do to make UI buttons disappear. Or did I miss something?

User Showcase / Re: The Frozen Ruins (iOS) 99.9% Playmaker
« on: August 26, 2017, 06:27:09 AM »

Pretty nice game, reminds me of my twin stick shooter project (arachnophobia) that I was making but have now stopped working on ages ago.

There are a few issues which would make the game look nicer.

First of all the walk/run animation plays soon as I touch the left stick, even if I am still stationary.

Personally I would prefer it if the character did not turn based on the left stick and only turned based on the right. Now it feels pretty weird that I can turn (rotate) the character with the left as long as I dont touch the right, but when I touch the right, it takes over rotation/turning. I think this makes strafing and walking backwards slightly more confusing than it would be otherwise (then again may just be me).

Also as youre probably aware, you only have one walk animation for every direction, which does not look the best, but I understand it is a bit of a hard fix as my top down shooter had the same issue (I was always hoping to address it in the future though lol).

In the game opening text I think you wrote night instead of right.

But plays nicely otherwise. Only got to room 3 of sector 1 but may play more later.

Good Luck With It!

Playmaker Help / Re: Can you set Conditions to Trigger Events?
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:09:12 AM »

I think there is a simple solution.

Make a global int called 'enemy count' . In the enemy death FSM, subtract 1 from 'enemy count' when the enemy dies.

 In the same state that you spawn your enemies, add a 'set int' action and set the enemy count to however many enemies are spawned.

Then in the next state (in the spawn fsm) have an 'int compare' action. When the 'enemy count' global int variable equals '0', move to the next state which positions the camera at waypoint 2.

( Edit: also set every frame to on in the int compare action, if it even has that setting- i cant remember)

This is a simple way of doing it, using global variables, but it should work- Im sure there are more elegant ways of doing it, I just havnt used playmaker in a while and was browsing the forum out of boredom...

General Discussion / Re: A book, a dream job, cancer.
« on: November 23, 2016, 10:29:00 AM »

Sorry to hear about your troubles, if youre nearby a legal cannabis state I would really really give thc oil a try (even if I wasnt, I would gove it a try to be honest, damn Id try anything).

If youre not much of a fan of random suspicious looking videos online of people claiming to cure their cancer miraculously or Rick Simpson's claims that he had cured hundreds, for free, with THC oil then I will link you to some real academic studies which supports all the stuff online. Not trying to preach a miracle cure but Ive found cannabinoid research fascinating for a while now and the anti cancer side is really taking off and produced some really amazing results (as they say "the hippies were right") :

(this one is really facinating because it is often believed by science that THC (main psychoactive ingrediant of cannabis) kills cancer mainly by binding to the Cannabinoid receptor, but this study shows that the cancer cell killing effect is independant of the cannabinoid receptor) ( this one simply says that they could not find an increased risk of lung cancer in cannabis smokers)

And a small summary:

Good luck with it all and I wish you the best, whatever way you chose to fight it and I hope you figure out a way to live your dream again once it is all over.

Work In Progress... / Re: Flashing Lights: Police, Fire, EMS
« on: October 23, 2016, 05:32:10 AM »

Looks really nice so far. Im impressed that it has come to this state. Love the reactions to sirens, seem more reliable than most GTAs already :D .

Good luck with it!

Playmaker Tutorials / Re: New SHMUP Tutorial Series!
« on: August 14, 2016, 03:35:19 PM »

Tutorial looks great and you used the same space ship asset that I used for my little noob android game called 'Pacifism'.

I think I will follow it and then release an update to my game, Im sure the 7 users (including 2 of my devices) who still have it installed will be ecstatic :D :D .

Thank you for doing this, I really liked your 2.5d one as well. Sadly I remember that when I tried to reconstruct some of the techniques with a few different models (other than Boxman himself) I had some issues with the edge climbing, cant remember what they were though, it was a while back (something like I could never position the character just right before the climb, or if it was right before, then after the climb it was messed up- I just blamed the script as I though it may be specifically for Boxman lol :D ). 

Anyway thanks again for doing this one and I look forward to having time to go through it properly.

Playmaker Help / Re: 2D bullet going backwards
« on: August 14, 2016, 02:53:25 PM »

No problem! Just wanted to say though, I hope youre not too disappointed with the ranged attacks in that tutorial, as it does not go too much into ranged attacks, like it does not make them shoot up or down, just straight.

But as I was saying, I would probably never use a tween for firing a bullet anyway. So overall if you dont mind (like if it works for the rest of your setup), you could get rid of the tween action and just create it the way it is done in the tutorial - then it will be much easier to work out how to make it shoot up and down, as left and right already work :) (It was a while ago that I did it, so cant even remember how they even do it).

Good luck with it.

(edit to add: ) This just popped into my head. If you are really set on using the tween action you used and just really dont want to make an exception in the same FSM that fires the bullets (or moves the bullets), I may have a workaround.

You could make the 'x value' that you use  in the tween action a global variable (in my previous post I used 4 as an example, so I will do that again). Just set the global variable to 4 (or whichever number you currently use) and then create an FSM on the character, in this FSM all you do is: get player's facing direction (however you already do it, but preferably by using a global variable you already saved it into elsewhere) and then check if it is left or right. If it is left, transition into another state and use an 'int operator' action to subtract 8 (or in your case, subtract double whatever number you use). Then get direction again and when it becomes right, go to another state that adds the same number back to the global variable and then transitions into the start state.

If the start state gets direction and it is right, do nothing and keep checking direction every frame.

Sorry for the ramble, hope it helps.

Playmaker Help / Re: How can i make upgradable rooms
« on: August 13, 2016, 05:19:38 PM »

Really a bit more info and maybe a screenshot would help. Like what are rooms?

But as a guess I would say rooms are also often known as levels (that is the direct translation in a few languages ive noticed)? So:

If you have a player object that you want to move  to a new location in the same scene, you simply use 'set position' (as a way of changing rooms/levels without loading a scene) .

So create your two levels in the same scene, then make sure they are not visible from each other. Then when yoyr player completes a level, do the gui stuff that you do and 'set position' of the player to the 2nd level.

This is based on me guessing a lot, as I said I dont really understand the issue fully, so it may not help but good luck with it and try to provide a little bit morw info (also screenshots help break down language barriers ;) ) if it does not help.

PS: Ive just noticed you mention that you "have no idea how to code". Do you have the playmaker asset? If you do then you do not need to code any gameplay element.

Playmaker Help / Re: Add Force 2D makes object go through collider
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:56:45 PM »
Add a collider to object?

Playmaker Help / Re: How Can I make this happen??
« on: August 13, 2016, 05:18:39 AM »
How would you use arraymaker to accomplish this?


It should be fairly simple once you get fammiliar with arrays. I think Terri mostly gave a good overview of how to select the objects:

use an Array. If its empty that means position 1 is free, and you add to it.
Next time you'll count it and get 1, so you add the next one to that index.

If you're super new and that sounds confusing, go through the Arraymaker tutorials before doing anything.

So basically just make an array and add the objects when you press the corresponding button. Then where you display the objects, make it get them from the array in order and display them where you need the objects displayed. So index 0 is displayed in position 1 and so on.

But first go through the tutorials so that you know how arrays work:

Good luck with it!

Playmaker Help / Re: 2D bullet going backwards
« on: August 13, 2016, 03:54:12 AM »
Hi and welcome to the forum!

I have never used iTween move add (or any iTween). Im not sure i would make a bullet this way, but what works for you depends on the rest of your setup I guess.

As for reversing the bullet, try to enter the same value but negative. So if x is 4 to fire right, make it -4 when you want it to fire left .

Just a guess, but hopefully should work.

Good luck with it!

PS: check out this tutorial: (this is the part about making attacks - including a ranged attack- but starting from part 1 may be useful for you generally as youre making a 2d platformer).

Playmaker Help / Re: Spreading out heavy actions with Next Frame Event
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:35:58 PM »

Maybe you could use 2 'next frame events'?

Playmaker Help / Re: 2 characters moving together in 3d in Playmaker
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:08:54 PM »
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Your idea is certainly possible with playmaker.

Many far more conplextasks have been achieved with it. You may need to sit through some unrelated tutorials and then when you have some basic knowledge you just try to put it together. If you have any specific issues doing it, then someone can help you out.

That is because there are loads of ways to do it.

For example if you make one character just controlled with a regular controller, you could have a navmesh agent on the other character following one of a number of objects that are parented to the first character. So when you tap, the second character goes to the child object that is far away from the first character- if you tap again, the character returns to the child object next to the first character.

But as i said there are many ways to do it, just sit through some tutorials until you understand some basic logic and develop an idea of how to make the basics of movement and such, then work on your dual character system. Then when you have a half working system, you can ask more specific questions and we can provide more appropriate help to your setup.

Good luck with it, it can be annoying to learn the basics when you have a great idea you want to get to, but learning is a big part of making anything ;) .


I looked into this on unity answers (going by the logic of; if you cannot do it in c#, it is very likely (or certain even?) that you cannot do it in playmaker).

So according to unity forums and other support;

There is no way to create prefabs during runtime, only in the editor:

Answer by aldonaletto
Are you using this script in the Editor or at runtime? As far as I know, prefabs are Editor stuff, and you can't create them at runtime. If you want to let the player construct "prefab-like" objects at runtime, simply declare the "prefab" game object inactive to make it disappear of the scene, and use it as a regular prefab in Instantiate (remember to activate the object when instantiated)
Found here:

But luckily i think the above also gives you a solution. If you want to save objects in the game, just create them in the scene and deactivate them. (You can also parent them under a game object which has a 'dont destroy on load' action and then it will be saved in that object's children during loading of levels.)

Then for playmaker you just need to find a way to reference this object in the 'create object' action.

For example, you could use get child and target the object under which you parented the object you wanted to save.

If im not making much sense, or if you generally need a clearer explanation of how i would do it let me know. My main point of this post was really just to point out that it is impossible to save as a prefab  during runtime.

Hope this helps.

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