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Also, like a lot of people mentioned, you can use set property. Im only saying this as it is a magical action which i never got the hang off for ages- and if youre working with scripts it could be useful.

So click on a state and where the actions are listed for the state, drag over the script component (or any component) and drop it in the action list. A small menu should come up, chose 'set property' and an awesome action will appear giving you loads of options to control that component. (also the 'get property' is very useful too).

Sorry if youre aware of this already, just seemed like an opportunity to write up an awesome feature a bit...

(also the 'activate game object' action that you were using is for enabling a disabled game object)

Playmaker Help / Re: Hello, Some strange component appeared!
« on: February 21, 2016, 04:33:36 AM »
Hi, that has happened to me before lol. At the time i was thinking 'i cant believe i never noticed that before' but then it disappeared in other projects.

Playmaker Help / Re: Character mounting horse problems
« on: February 20, 2016, 07:56:36 PM »
Really not sure about the issue you have, but if youre having issues getting animations to work make sure you have the mecanim action pack.

It can be found here:

Now as far as walking you through it, im a noob, but I like a puzzle and have time to kill, so ill take a guess at it. Worse case scenario it may help you brain storm lol:

The way I imagine a mounting done is (as a noob):

Character walks up to horse object and enters a sphere collider trigger around the horse.

When in this trigger pressing a button will mount the horse.

So you should have your character game object, a horse game object and a character on horse game object- all saved as prefabs.

The character and the character on horse should be animated and programmed (via playmaker of course, lol or not if that is what youre going for) to be usable and controllable independant of each other. So basically youre creating a character and a horse riding character.

On the player animator set up a transition from 'walk' and 'idle'  animations (or states) to the 'Mount' animation (state). Make a new parameter, type = 'trigger', and call it 'mounting'. In the transition conditions; put the trigger 'mounting' as a condition (from both 'walk' and 'idle' to 'mount').

Character enters the horse trigger.

Character has fsm:
State1- trigger event- enter tag: 'horse' (store collider and send State2)
State2- get key: space (Send3)
            - Trigger event - exit tag: 'horse' (send state1)
State3- Set animator trigger: 'mounting'
            -Wait: 2sec[or however long your mount animation is](send state4)
State4- create character on horse game object on horse's position.
           -disable/destroy the stored collider (which should be the horse).
            -disable/destroy character.

Now you should have a character that will be riding a horse. Reverse the above for getting off. You will need a getting off animation and set up a getting off trigger and transitions.

Also setup an fsm on your camera, so it switches the object it is following or include this in the last state of the fsm i described above.

Best of luck and sorry for the ramble, hope it was useful. Let us know how it goes...

Playmaker Help / Re: Need help on 2D character controller[SOLVED]
« on: February 09, 2016, 09:04:00 AM »

Welcome to the forum.

There are loads of custom actions around which work just as well as the originals that came with playmaker. (Isnt it amazing lol?)

Here is the 2d action pack:

Also there is a vector2 action pack about somewhere, which could be useful if you go for 2d, just google it.

Playmaker Help / Re: 2D Joints (Setting anchor point in playmaker)
« on: February 07, 2016, 10:57:10 AM »
Just to clear up any confusion:

 I am the original poster of this topic lol.

 I was browsing on a laptop I do not usually use and it seems I was auto logged in to an account I had made ages ago (and forgot all about), but never used to post. So once again Jean, thank you for answering the question that I asked as Reef... (now that I think about it Reef is a much cooler account name, I think I may have to switch to that).

Sorry for any confusion everyone.

Hi everyone.

Sorry to bump again

I pretty much nearly solved it (as much as it is possible with my skill level).

Would still appreciate any input on how to improve it.

Here is a video of what I have so far (my focus is the little green hook-shot weapon that drags stuff and binds enemies):

Ill post some screenshots and stuff later, of the setup but basically, what I have done is:

First I spawn a chaim, a handle and a head of the hook shot.

The chain Im spawning is a chain of vines links (game objects) (with a collider on each). They are made invisable in each one's start fsm.

A trigger with the head  makes them visable, then triggering again makes them invisable.

A trigger with the handle makes them destroy themselves.

So a slider joint is used between character and head, then the head spawns the links and destroys them if im retractong on player. If im retractibg on hook point or enemy the handle destroys the links.

Of course there is a whole lot of parenting and unparenting and all sorts of other stuff going on, that my head hurts even thinking about it right now. But above is the basics of it...

Its dodgey but works mostly...

Right now im super tired, this took me the best part of the week, to the extent that my household is seriously becoming concerned about me lol.

Thank you anyone for looking and helping.

Playmaker Help / Re: Help with Raycast
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:04:29 AM »
Ok this may be a long shot and I am a sleep deprived noob, but here goes my guess:

Could you store the hit point in a vector3, then get the Y axis into a global float and assumimg your craft only flies at a certain height- you could create the object when the hit points is below your craft's y or enable the object and disable it again?? So how i imagine it:

Empty object with a child sphere Object disabled, randomly on the ground:

State1: Float compare (when raycast y is below the height you need, send event)

State2: set object position to raycast point. get child (save to variable). Activate child. Finish state.

State3: move towards (or however you move your sphere now) and a float conpare (again waititng for the y to get too high). Finish.

State4: deactivate child sphere object. Finish and return to beginning???

Knowing my luck tonight, it wont work, but maybe it will give you a view from a simplistic noob mindset and help you see something you missed before lol. Ive only used raycasts once and then scrapped it and went running back to the simplicity of colliders lol, so Im clearly no expert... Good luck.

Edit: spellchecking  :)

Playmaker Help / Re: 2D Joints (Setting anchor point in playmaker)
« on: February 05, 2016, 03:55:28 AM »
Hi Jean, thank you very much for reading and answering. To be honest I wish I had searched harder, because as you say- of course it is all possible with set property. I never really had a good grasp of set property and I think the fact that a few joint actions existed confused me, either that or my brain is too fried from all this playmakin.

Thank you once again for your help and for considering creating that action.

Also for other real noobs like me, what I did was simply:

On the Character:
Used action 'get component' to save character's rigid body to an object variable, called 'charRigidVar'.

On the item im joining:
I used 'get component' to save the joint to an object variable.

I used 'set property' to set anchor body and then chose the 'charRigidVar'.

Hopefully, I didnt forget anything lol. Also the tutorial Jean posted above is the only thing that made this workable for me as it explains all those object variable types, that should confuse most noobs like me...

Playmaker Help / Re: Object not destroyed after collision detection event
« on: February 03, 2016, 01:42:03 AM »
Not sure, just a noob trying to be helpful.

But couldnt you simply add an fsm on the bricks:
State1: Add action; Collision event 2d. Set the collision tag to be the 'ball' (and tag your ball object with that tag). On collision send event to State2.

State2:  destroy self (and any point adding you need to do before that or whatever).

Im not sure if this messes with your tutorial progress, but may work for the game in general... Good luck.

Lol, i was afraid that was a problem, as I try to be clearer- I end up rambling. Thanks for trying to understand.

I just want a 2d side scroller binding/hook-shot/grappling hook weapon and was wondering if anyone might know how to elegantly make one with playmaker.


Right now ive tried various things from raycasts to adding velocity to an empty object and my latest attempt which I am liking so far is simply using animator to move the head of the grappling hook. My fsms are starting to be a real mess from experimenting...

But the biggest problem is that I want the line to break off from the player and retract into the enemy I hit. Smoothly regardless of the distance I hit the enemy from (right now i have 19 different retracting animations and I play a different one depending on thre distance the player was from the enemy upon trigger :/).

My attempts on video, should give an idea of what Im trying to achieve:

Close to working 1 (but not really, videonfrom above post):

The current state of things:

Just want my little vine shoot weapon to work smoothly... :(

Thanks again for looking and Sorry if I just rambled on again...

Hi everyone, sorry to be bumping this, but I just wasted a day's worth of time trying to make this work.

Here is a youtube video of it nearly working (basically what i have so far):

Please guys, I know there are many geniuses here who could put together an attack like this in 5 minutes or so. I would really appreciate even the tiniest bit of input from one of you.

My eyes hurt and my head is starting to, but i just cant let this go lol. Right now it is working barely through a bunch of FSMs that are in a very non-elegant fashion... I better get back to it... Thank you all.

Yeah but if you add velocity or move towards the mouse while ignoring vertical, shouldnt the colliders take effect?? I know this still dont help you clamp anything, sorry...

Not sure about your second question, but couldnt you restrict the paddle movement with colliders around the edge? Or does that not do it for you?

There are clamp variable actions, so maybe experiment with them until a more experienced user pitches in, as the closest ive come to clamping anything is this one float Ive tried it on...

In fact as I mentioned tutorials here is one using playmaker to make a breakout game:

Im a noob myself but ill have a go.

In the same state with get mouse x, add an action 'Set Velocity' (or 'Set Velocity 2d' if it is a 2d game or if youre using a 2d rigid body on your object)

In the set velocity action under x axis put in your variable (the variable that stored the horizontal axis).

From my understanding that should be it, but I only know this from tutorials ive done recently.

Also in case for whatever reason you dont want to use velocity there is a way i have found that is not very elegeant and probably very nooblike but:

I have done it before with an empty game object on the left and right of the screen. You need to get each of their positions into a global variable, then on the get mouse x state have a compare float, if float is under 0 go to left state, if over 0 go to right state. In both left and right state have a move towards action (left one moves towards empty on left, vice versa for right one). Ignore vertical on the move towards actions. Insert a Compare float action under the move towards in both left and right state, have the float compare sending it back to centre and right, depending on </=/> to 0.

As I said the second method is not very elegant, but does not use velocity.

Good luck, also watch some tutorials, this is the first thing most of them cover lol.


Sorry I thought you were actually using get axis not get mouse x, ive edites the post so it makes sense now. I hope it works for you, but im now realising the mouse controls may be trickiet than simply using axis. Still check out the breakout tutorial usimg playmaker on youtube lol:

Playmaker Help / Re: Need Playmaker state to set off a trigger
« on: February 01, 2016, 11:05:14 AM »
I am not really sure about what you are trying to do and im sure you have figured it out over the last month but, as a noob myself, ill have a go to at least provide my idea of a solution:

So there is a text box that reads 'Winner' when the player collides with it?

You want to make it so that the box automatically reads 'winner' without being collided with, as soon as the maximum score is reached??

If so I think it may be easy:

I assume you are counting your score somewhere (lets say a float variable). Also lets say the maximum is 100.

Also I assume that you have an FSM on the text object, which sends an event upon colliding with player.

First make the score variable global, so you still add to it the same as before.

Secondly on the text object FSM make a global event. Add a state that is not connected to the other states and right click on it to 'add global transition' and add the global event you just created. You do not need any actions on this state, just add a finished event and send it to the State that displays your text.

Then make an empty game object with a float compare action on it (every frame). If float is less than 100- do nothing, if float equals or is greater than a 100 go to next state. In this state you should add action 'send event', chose to send the global event you created on the text object FSM. In the dropdown box, chose broadcast.

This is a very rough idea of how to do it, written by a noob, but then again if i understand your question, then watching a few tutorials and reading a bit more about playmaker may be useful.

I tried to answer this as i think its best to have at least one answer to all questions, especially for noobs like me, but to be honest im still not sure if I understood the question. I hope it helps...

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