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Hey all!

My first solo game is out on Steam! I spent 9 months making this game from scratch and Playmaker made it possible.

I'm primarily a 2D/3D artist who also does UI/UX and game/app design.  I'm used to working with teams of engineers to make my designs come to life and have a few titles under my belt on the App store and Google play. Being able to use Playmaker to finish a project completely on my own has been game changing for me.

Pretty much all of the artwork is my own in the game including all the 3D models, textures, rigging and animation. I used Playmaker with the Steam VR actions, iTween, SmoothSave and VRTK to make the game.

Hope you like it!

Playmaker Help / Steam Achievments via playmaker?
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:50:34 PM »
Is there a method or package available that does this? Some basic googling has come up with a few things but they claim to be very limited in functionality.

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