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You should be able to use the Set Material Float action. But you'll need to find the shader parameter names.

This might help:

Playmaker Help / Re: Help with Playmaker Actions: Newbie
« on: February 12, 2019, 12:55:13 PM »
State changes are triggered by events. The FSM will stay in a state until it receives an event that triggers a transition to another state.

I think you might be confused about the FINISHED event. It is sent automatically when all actions on a state have finished running. This might be pushing you to the next state quicker than you want.

Instead of using FINISHED, try making your own events in the Events tab and send them yourself. That way you have complete control and will understand how to build the flow better. For example, the Bool Test action lets you send events based on the value of Bool variable. I know that might not make sense yet, but I think if you start playing with making and sending events it will start to make sense!

There have been a few updates since October 2018, you should download the most recent version of PlayMaker.

However, the free student version only supports built-in actions.

You shouldn't be getting errors, but even if you fix those the free version won't be able to use the cinemachine actions - sorry!

The Blink action is unrelated to the Blink Effect asset you downloaded. It ships with PlayMaker:

Does the Blink Effect asset come with any docs?
"RunEditorPreview" sounds like it would only work in the editor...

Are you sure you set it as an Action Sequence? Wait then Call Method in an Action Sequence should work.

Did you try the 2 state loop shown in the tutorial?

For the first question I made a quick wiki page:

Let me know if this works as a tutorial. I plan to add more of these pages for common questions... to collect a core set of patterns that can be re-used. Repeating something with an interval is a good one :)

I'll do an Unlock tutorial page next, but somebody will probably have some advice here first. Hint: Look into Bool variables and PlayerPrefs actions.

Share New Actions / Re: Vector2 to Vector3
« on: February 10, 2019, 09:27:09 AM »
Note starting in PlayMaker 1.9.0 you can auto-convert variables:

This should reduce the need for lots of convert actions and temporary variables.

Have you tried updating to 1.9.0? There was quite a lot of work done on the RunFSM action in 1.9.0.

Playmaker Help / Re: 2018.3 Update - UGUI Event Organization?
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:33:46 PM »
After you import and then install 1.9.0p7 it should fix itself.

Playmaker Help / How to reference scene objects in Prefabs and Templates
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:26:38 PM »
This topic comes up a lot, so I made this page:

Please let me know if it's clear. I plan to add more of these step-by-step articles for frequently asked questions, so you don't have to search the forums for the answers!

Playmaker Help / Re: Problem with opening Playmaker editor
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:09:29 PM »
You are probably running into this Asset Store bug:

Let me know if that helps.

Playmaker Help / Asset Store Bug!
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:08:03 PM »
If you have errors with a fresh install from the Asset Store you may be running into this Asset Store bug:

The Unity Asset Store does not properly keep track of which version an asset was downloaded for. For example, if you run Unity 2018.3 and download Playmaker you get the version for 2018.3. If you now open Unity 2017.4 and import Playmaker, the Asset Store will try to import the 2018.3 version and you will get errors!

To fix this, you have to manually re-download PlayMaker when you switch Unity versions. The new Asset Store UI does not make this easy, but you can switch to Shop on Old Store in the Asset Store settings. Then go to the Download Manager, find Playmaker and manually download it again.

Alternatively, you can delete the Asset Store cache (find Hutong Games LLC to just delete Playmaker):

Sorry for the inconvenience! We reported this bug to Unity quite some time ago, and they were able to reproduce it, but we're still waiting on a fix...

General Discussion / Re: how many FSMs can be active at the same time???
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:35:48 PM »
Is FSM Browser working in beta? Every item in the menu is greyed out.

If this is beta specific please start a thread in the Beta Feeback board.

Playmaker Help / Re: Updating from Patch 4 to Patch 6
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:03:58 PM »
Did you complete the Install from the Welcome Window? Where are you seeing that it's still Patch 4?

Glad you got it working! :)

General Discussion / Re: how many FSMs can be active at the same time???
« on: February 02, 2019, 11:03:10 AM »
Yes. In fact, a common mistake is to try and do too much in one FSM. It's generally better to make smaller FSMs that talk to each other if they need to (e.g., by sending events).

The selection toolbar helps you manage multiple FSMs on a GameObject:

And the FSM Browser lets you see all FSMs in your scene/project:

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