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I did a quick google and first result was this:

So it seems something changed with the extended tracking?
If you delete just this one action, does it work?
Playmaker Help / Re: Raycast Help
« Last post by Natecurt on Today at 03:22:17 PM »
You should also consider how you disable the object, you may be able to simply disable the object's mesh renderer.

Thanks for the reply,

I appreciate the feedback and have reconsidered my logic a bit. Here is what I am trying to accomplish and how I think it could be done:

I have multiple walls in-front of a camera which has a raycast attached to it. The raycast should ideally detect both walls and hide them while they are detected. As soon as the raycast moves off the the objects they reappear.

Therefore, would it be best to do a Raycast All so that I can store all the objects in an array and somehow hide the mesh renderers of everything in that array? If that's not possible maybe the walls detected could be tagged as something else while they are in view of the raycast so that I can somehow hide the mesh renderer of everything with that tag?

I'm not sure how this would be done but will play around with playmaker in the meantime. Looking forward to your replies!
Playmaker Help / Re: Aircraft/Flight AI and pathfinding
« Last post by SkobbejakGames on Today at 08:56:35 AM »

Is there any way to access this project or the videos mentioned explaining the setup, as there seems to be a severe lack of steering AI setups not only for Playmaker but even for Unity itself, which is strange as you would expect it to be something quite common.
Playmaker Help / Re: Compare Loaded scene
« Last post by miguelfanclub on Today at 08:19:39 AM »
Is what I do. Doesnt mean is the best option.

I need to have many more variables, name of the levels etc etc
So I can read everything once i load.
Share New Actions / Re: DeleteFile
« Last post by Farwest on Today at 08:08:30 AM »
Thanks, I solved my problem by replacing "pathToFile" with BinarySave's "Application.persistentDataPath + "/" + filename.Value" in the script body, also I added public string Filename, thus it is solved, now I can delete my Binary Saves successfully.

However outside this issue, still I don't know how to write a correct "FilePath" to Delete a File (is it "C:\Users\[user]\AppData\...?") other than replacing the Filepath with Application.persistentDataPath or anything specific, I hope somebody can explain.

Briefly, the question is, what should we write for Filepath, should it be "C:\Users\[user]\" or something else, because we can't write explicit filepath as we have in our OS, but it must be universal.
Playmaker Help / Copying actions between states
« Last post by paradoxjester on Today at 07:12:14 AM »

I have set out to create an editor script that replicates what is contained within an FSM template into what is contained within a PlayMaker FSM component. The end result should be an FSM inside my PlayMaker FSM component that contains all of the states, all of the events, all of the transitions and the variables contained within the Template, but with no actual reference to the Template itself!
I'm having a slight issue. When it comes to copying over States' actions, i'm copying over the whole 'Actions' array, contained within each of my Template's states into each of the corresponding PlayMaker FSM states, which i am copying over. The problem is, because each member of that array is of Class FsmStateAction and not of the more specific inherited subclass, then i cannot specify each action's parameters, or copy it over correctly. If i were to do a shallow copy (just assigning it, or using the array Copy function), then the reference to the template would remain, and any operation made on the action in the template would also affect the action in the PlayMaker FSM component, and viceversa. Is there any way i can copy over the actions contained a state over to the ones contained in another, cutting away any ties that the actions have to their previous state? This is all done via editor script, not at runtime! If anyone has a clue, it would be greatly appreciated! If you need any code examples of the work done up to now i can provide it.

Kind Regards,
Playmaker Help / Re: Compare Loaded scene
« Last post by ex32 on Today at 07:08:37 AM »
allright so i have to create 100 variables for each level right? 100 levels :o
Playmaker Help / Re: Compare Loaded scene
« Last post by miguelfanclub on Today at 07:04:35 AM »
Ill do:

So in every level you hold a variable that says "im level 1" same in level 2.

Then you check that when load level?

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