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Failed to build for windows phone, [DATAMAKER INCOMPATIBLE]

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my app builds fine to Android but fails at windows phone

I use .xml as text asset and Datamaker for arrays. Projects without Playmaker builds to windows phone fine.

Screen Capture is attached. Thanks

Projects with playmaker builds fine to windows phone but as soon as I import DataMaker into project, build fails with given errors. So it is Datamaker. I don't even bind or use any datamaker component its only imported...


 I am pretty sure I updated DataMaker to counter this issue few weeks agi. Can you download it it again, and if that doesn't work, tell me which version of DataMaker and PlayMaker utils you have ( in the folders, you'll have files like "VersionInfo" or changelog" to find the version number)

 Same with the Warnings, if you get uGui full package from the ecosystem, the warnings should go awa too ( fixed it yesterday).



Hello and thank you for the reply!

Playmaker version:
Unity 5.1.2f1

#DataMaker Change log ### 1.0.3
{"Major":1, "Minor":0, "Patch":3, "Build":3, "Type":"f"}

#ArrayMaker Change log### 1.1.3
Arraymaker {"Major":1, "Minor":1, "Patch":3, "Build":0, "Type":"f"}

#PlayMaker Utils Change log### 1.1.3
{"Major":1,"Minor":1, "Patch":3, "Build":0, "Type":"f"}

#PlayMaker uGui Change log### 1.1.1
{"Major":1, "Patch":1, "Build":1, "Type":"a", "Minor":1}

When I get and install datamaker - ugui packages from ecosystem I get the attached screen capture error. ("Assets / Run API updater" is disabled)

Also, I develop my project at another offline computer. How can I transfer ecosystem downloaded packages into offline computer?

Thanks again.

I downloaded and installed all the addons from ecosystem. Project still doesn't build for windows phone.

As soon as I Import datamaker into any project, it doesn't build for windows phone. Still builds to android.

Is there any others steps that I might have missed such as installing the plugin. Plugin is present at the plugins folder, is there any other thing I have to do?


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