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Windows Store errors with Unity 5 on Windows 10

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I am having issues on Windows 10 with Unity 5 and Playmaker.

I can compile a new plain Unity 5 project without Playmaker for Windows Store with no problems and publish it to the Windows Store.

When I import Playmaker ( from the Asset Store, I can build a "Windows Standalone" (Target Platform: Windows, Architecture: x86) with no problems.

However, if I switch platforms to "Windows Store" (SDK: 8.1, Unity C# Projects: checked, Development Build: unchecked) with Playmaker imported, it will start to compile and hang on "Compiling Scripts", and then return with 999+ errors.  In the Console output, I see many errors such as:

--- Code: ---Assets\PlayMaker\Actions\ActivateGameObject.cs(9,36): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'FsmStateAction' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
--- End code ---

Again, this is a new plain Unity project with only Playmaker imported.  I tried using both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Unity 5 (5.1.3f1).  Building the exact same project with Playmaker for Web Player or PC Standalone there are no errors and the executable runs with no problems.

I am using Visual Studio 2015 Community to build the .appxupload package for Windows Store, which works fine for the Unity Windows Store build without Playmaker imported.  With Playmaker imported, it doesn't even get to the point where it generates the files to be opened with Visual Studio.

After looking at some of the other threads, it looks like I may need a limited beta to publish to Windows Store.  Is that correct?


Update: I installed Unity 4.6.8, and it would compile my project with Playmaker, but there were still errors.  It did generate the files for Visual Studio, but Visual Studio returned errors when I tried generating the .appxupload file.  At this point, the only thing I haven't tried is downgrading my OS to Windows 8.1.


 It's not an issue with windows 10 however. You'll need access to the Beta version of PlayMaker to properly publish with Windows Store on Unity 5.

Simply pm me or Alex with your invoice number and you'll get access to the beta.



Hi. I understand that this is a 3 months old post, but I wanted to ask if you have any ETA (approx. in weeks is fine) on the next version w/ Win Store support.


Alex Chouls:
We plan to release 1.8 as a public beta in the next Playmaker update this week.

Hopefully soon.  I spent all day trying to figure this out.  I can export to android and windows 86/64, but windows store 10 gives 999 errors in console.  Seems like they are all playmaker scripts. 

I hate betas but would be nice to get to windows store.


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