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Alex Chouls:
Please use the Playmaker bug reporter to submit bugs:

Main Menu > PlayMaker > Tools > Submit Bug Report

Bug reports contain extra info that help us track down the problem.

You should receive a confirmation email with a link to the bug. Please use this link to attach repro projects/screenshots etc to the bug. A small zipped project with clear repro steps is ideal! :)

Also please feel free to post and discuss bugs in this forum. It's not an either/or. The bug database helps us track tasks, but the forum is a great way to share info and post potential workarounds.


Jos Yule:
Getting a missing crossdomain.xml error when trying to use this form. Going to post the bug in the forum now.

I also get the same error. How should it be reported?

The bug reporter (still) has a bug. I got "408 request timeout"

Alex Chouls:
408 errors are typically temporary connection problems (e.g., the online database is down or busy). Please try again later. If the problem persists it could be a firewall issue...


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