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Problems with Windows Phone 8 port


Hi i'm making a port to WP8 from an iOS / Android game and I am having problems in a certain point of the game.

I have installed the Add-on and I have the version of the PlayMaker.

The problem is quite strange because all the game is working good, but in this case, the states are loosing the reference of a public game object passed by the PlayMaker editor. I tried everything but I can't do anything.

It may be that there are some bugs in WP8 with some actions?

How can I debug my game on the WP8 to know better on wich state/action my game is failing?
Because I only can debug the final script and the reference is lost anyway.

Alex Chouls:
PM me for access to the 1.8 beta. It includes bug fixes for WP8.


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