Author Topic: ...just another big Custom Action collection (M-Z + Third Party)  (Read 529 times)


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Link to first half:

Because the main post listing all of my custom actions exceeded the max. char limit of 20000, I had to split it in half.
So here is the second half containing all actions from category M to Z:

Action Name
Float Flip★★★★ (similar to existing action)
Get Unsigned Float★★★
Get Unsigned Int★★★
Int Flip★★★★
Int Round To Nearest★★★★
Find Closest Agent★★★★★
Nav Mesh Find Closest Point★★★★
Nav Mesh Agent Get Area Mask★★★
Nav Mesh Agent Move To★★★★★
Physics & Transform:
Enable Collider★★★★
Enable Collider Multi★★★★
Follow Mouse 2D★★★★★
Get GameObject Screen Position★★★
Get Position Add Offset★★★★
Get Rotation Add Offset★★★★
Get Scale Add Offset★★★★
Reset Transforms★★★
Set Positions★★★★
Random Float Around Range★★★★★
Random Int Around Range★★★★★
Random Point Between GameObjects★★★★
Random Point On Slope★★★★
Random Weighted Vector3★★
Select Random AudioClip★★★★
Select Random Object★★★★★
Disable This FSM★★
Enable Fsms★★★★
Get Fsm Component★★
Get GameObject By Fsm Variable Value★★
Send Event Random Delay★★★★
Send Events★★★★
Send Event Set Value★★★★★
Send Event Set Multi★★★★
Build String Auto Convert★★★★★
Get String Numbers★★★★
String Append★★★★
String Compare Set Multi★★★
String Contains Switch★★★★★
String Remove★★★
String Remove Chars★★★
String Replace Each Char★★★
String Switch Custom★★★★★
System & Time:
Countup Timer★★★★
Find Asset By Name(Editor only)
Get File Extension★★★
Get TimeScale★★★★
Random Wait Around Offset★★★★★
Debug Variable On Screen★★★★★
Draw Fullscreen Color Advanced★★
Vector2 Operator Advanced★★★★
Vector3 Compare★★★
Vector3 Operator Advanced★★★★
Third Party
GDE Add String★★★
GDE Bool Flip★★★★
GDE Bool Test★★★★
GDE Count Occurrences★★
GDE Create Item★★★★★
GDE Find★★★★
GDE Find Item By Value★★
GDE Float Compare★★★
GDE Float Operator★★★★
GDE Get Random Item★★★★★
GDE Get Schema By Item★★★★★
GDE Has Field Value Changed★★★★
GDE Has Item★★★★★
GDE Int Compare★★★
GDE Int Operator★★★★
GDE Load All Items By Schema★★★★
GDE Load All Keys By Schema★★★
GDE Load Schema List★★
GDE Load String List Custom★★★
GDE Remove Item★★★★★
GDE Remove String★★
GDE Reset Item★★
GDE Schema Get Next Item★★★
GDE Swap Field Values★★
GDE Swap Items★★★
GDE Vector2 Operator★★
GDE Vector3 Operator★★★
GDE Vector4 Operator
NGUI Get Widget Details★★★★
NGUI Label Set Text Advanced★★★★
NGUI Set Sprite Multiple★★★★
NGUI Set Sprite Size★★
NGUI Set Widget Alpha Multi★★★★
NGUI Set Widget Color★★★
NGUI Set Widget Details★★★★
NGUI Sprite Is Visible
NGUI Tools Add Child Advanced★★★★★
NGUI Tools Destroy Multi★★

- Added: "Array List Contains Name", "Array Operator", "Build String Auto Convert", "Enable Children In Range", "Get Fsm Component", "Get GameObject By Fsm Variable Value", "Get Unsigned Float", "Get Unsigned Int", "Has Sibling", "Int Sign Test", "List GameObjects Inside Collider", "List GameObjects Inside Collider2D", "String Compare Set Multi", "Vector3 Compare"
- Created a helper class for all the GDE actions, meaning that the script 'GDEHelpers.cs' will be necessary to operate the GDE actions from now on | Added various new GDE actions | Re-worked most the existing ones | merged Float Add, Int Add, Float Multipy and Int Multiply into the respective Float Operator and Int Operator actions
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Re: ...just another big Custom Action collection (M-Z + Third Party)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 03:56:05 PM »
Hey Deek! :D

Figured I should comment on this post for GDE stuff maybe?

I had an idea for an action I think would be super useful! :D but also wanted to check and see if maybe you had a better way you were going about doing the same thing :)

I'm managing my player inventory through a custom item list in my player data item. I was wondering if there was a was a way to quickly add or take away an item from the list rather than needing to use 'GDE Get String Array' add the item string to the local array/remove it, and then 'GDE Set String Array'?

I had only just found out that the GDE String Arrays are how to get list of custom array item names  ::)




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Re: ...just another big Custom Action collection (M-Z + Third Party)
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2018, 12:22:22 PM »
Hi craigz,

I think that's the only way you can manipulate an array, by storing its contents temporarily, adding/removing items to/from it and re-applying it to the array and I'm also not aware of any other approach for that, since PlayMaker only supports arrays as collection.

Though to make that process easier, I combined the GDEGetStringArray and GDESetStringArray into one action, which allows to add or remove items or replace the whole array with the given items. I haven't tested it yet, but it should work; would be grand if you could try it out and say if it worked or if you had something else in mind.

This is only a crude implementation and I might create a version later that allows for modifying any array variable-type in one action.

It also seems like your list is of custom type "item", which means that you're probably only retrieving their names when using GDEGetStringArray, but I don't have enough experience with custom items in GDE to assume any negative implications.

Hope that helps.


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Re: ...just another big Custom Action collection (M-Z + Third Party)
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2018, 09:02:04 PM »
Hi Deek,

Whew okay good to know that I was at least doing the best way I knew how :P always felt so cumbersome even with an FSM template for it.

This action almost exactly what my use case is with strings as Item names, and your thoughts on a universal one for adding/removing other variable types would be super useful! Thank you so much! :D

Only issue I see with its direct functionality: Is it possible to make it so the input could take a string variable? Though this probably steps into your thoughts on making it to accept any variable types :)

I just ran some more tests with the action:

Adding appears to work as it should.

While 'remove' and 'replace' seem to do the same thing. Which is replace the array with a new array that ONLY has the inputted string variable  ???

Once again, thank you so much for making this :) I'm more than happy to test (and clearly/proudly using :P)

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Re: ...just another big Custom Action collection (M-Z + Third Party)
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2018, 12:22:41 PM »
2nd try: The 'Add Items' array now allows for FsmVariables (don't know why I didn't consider it beforehand  :o) and that remove and replace do the same thing should also be fixed.

I would realise accepting any variable type by writing a custom inspector for this action and only showing/using the FsmArray type that's selected, which means that allowing FsmVariables in those arrays doesn't pose a problem.