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I have a couple of questions about the iOS game controller support if anyone knows the answers.

1.a. If I use the playmaker iOS controller package does it conflict with any android controller features? For instance if I import the iOS controller support package and then move over to port the game to android after, do the actions cause any conflict or can I leave them in there?

1.b. Is the package supported in Unity 5?

2. (not playmaker related but I thought I'd ask)If I support the game controllers, I would be only able to support the extended controller because of the twin joysticks. Would apple allow support of extended controllers only compared to supporting standard as well? From what I have seen the standard versions don't have two joysticks and my game requires two.



 I don't think so, because the GameController works using the regular Unity Input manager:

 The link below shows you how to map unity inputs to match IOS Game controllers.



Thanks for the answer Jean. Thats good to know  :) Now I just have to find the second questions answer.


 second questions: no I doubt IOS do this and unity doesn't provide this neither.




I have Vr Shinecone Bluetooth controller i buy from Amazon.

Its Work in Android But It's Not work in IOS

I'm using Unity 2017.1
Try in i phone 5 ,i phone 7 and i pad pro(2017 ) But No luck Pleases Help Or anyone have better suggestion for any Bluetooth  controller that's work in ios. i need for VR in ios.



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