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Windows Store Support 1.8b


Hi Guys,

Hate to make another post about it, but I just noticed that 1.8b is now in Unity Asset Store.

I recreated my project from scratch w/o Playmaker just in case Win Store support never materialize. I still need to do some things, but wanted to ask if 1.8b supports WS or not, before I import Playmaker.

Thank you,

I had one compile error in PlayMakerAnimatorStateSynchronization.SwitchState when compiling for Windows Store.

I had to remove the BindingFlags to GetMethod("SwitchState") to get it to compile. I haven't actually tested running the game on this target though, but this did at least allow the Unity portion of the build to complete.

I'm curious to learn what the status & plans are for Windows Store and Playmaker. Is there a new(er) beta that we can expect to work with universal apps?

if you want to test if it work for windows store. just make demo project and see if it work well before you make all the changes

Alex Chouls:
1.8 should support Windows Store. However it might take a while to catch any issues with add-ons. Please post any problems you run into with the add-ons so we can investigate and update them. There are some restrictions on the Windows Store platform that we have to work around...


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