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Can't Change Action Parameters [SOLVED]


I've been encountering a problem where in any state machine I create, the action parameters will not change from what I first set them to be.

Let's say if I did an add force on an object 100 in the Z-space: every time I put in a new value and hit play, it will reset to 100 when I go into play mode. I can even remove the action and re-add it and it will still be 100 when I go into play mode.

Alex Chouls:
Are you using the latest version? 1.8.0.f42

I just updated to the version that was released yesterday. Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

Alex Chouls:
Did you import 1.8 from the Welcome Screen? Can you confirm the Paymaker version in the PlayMaker > About.

I had actually updated to I didn't know whether or not it was a good idea to use beta versions, but it did solve the problem. Thank you.


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