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Quick way to assign component variables


In the past when I wanted to grab a component ( example the gameobject's collider ) and put it into an object variable I would first create a Object variable, then select it's object type by scrolling down that uber long list to find the right component, etc.

I found a quicker way actually, you can just drag the component directly from the gameobject over onto the Playmakeer variables tab.

This automatically creates a Object variable with the correct component type. Nice, quick and easy.

If this is common knowledge already apologies, it was a new revelation to me.  ;D

It's pretty new to me too. Thanks for sharing!


 yeah, thanks for sharing. So many goodies.. I rarely use it because I prefer using dedicated custom actions which removes the needs for having to save components in variables.

but yeah, it's cool and handy!



Cool!! i did not know yet that this was possible ^^


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