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Alex Chouls:
Download and test the new Pathfinding actions for Unity 3.5!
NOTE: Requires Unity 3.5 Pro (will not work with free version).

Jean Fabre has done an excellent job on these, and now we want to catch any bugs or usability issues on the forums before including them in the next release - so please post feedback here.

We'll post some sample scenes shortly, but you should be able to get started with the Unity documentation and these actions.


[EDIT jean Fabre] The latest package can be found now on the wiki:


 Also, as a starting point for those you haven't found it, Unity provides samples for testing the pathfinding features, It's in the beta download page:

The direct link is:

This is a very good base to start messing with this action package ( while the playmaker samples are being prepared).



Wonderful! I have something I can test them on. If I run into any issues, I'll let you know.

Alex, do you have time to update the wiki for the new actions? I'm trying to use them, but I'm not sure what I need to do with a lot of the fields. Your wiki has been very helpful in the past. I'm attempting to start with 'Agent Set Path'. My goal is to have a monster walk over to another monster, using the shortest path.

One small note while I'm getting started:

Nav Mesh Calculate Path Between Game Objects doesn't fit in the State window. The scroll bars help, but the action is a bit difficult to work with. I don't suppose this window could be adjustable? Anyways, thought I would mention it.


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