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Flashing Lights: Police - Fire - EMS [Steam Early Access]

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A game about emergency services, where you will choose your role to play as police officer, firefighter or medic. Open world environment with random missions to respond to.
Single player and multiplayer gameplay is available that will have AI assistance that can be toggled on or off in online games.

Link to Steam page


When a role is chosen, you will pick a vehicle that only you can drive.
You must look after the vehicle's condition i.e. the gas, engine, tyres. You can also change cars and roles in the same game session.
If a car is broken down or lost, you have the ability to call a mechanic AI or other player for a lift to the depot to pick a new vehicle.
Successfully completing missions will grant you Respect Points for your town’s departments in the region, leading to the government funding new vehicles and gadgets.

Target platform - PC/Mac
Network - Photon

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I like your style.
I'll be playing!

Hey thanks, more content coming soon! :D

I love this so much! Great stuff man!

That looks really awesome! Kind of like GTA in reverse.

What car controller are you using, if you don't mind me asking?


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