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Can we have a save or favourite feature on the forum?[SOLVED]

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Can we have a save or favourite feature on the forum?

I would love to be able to mark a load of topics and then see them on one page, without having to reply or be notified every time someone posts Is that possible?

I join to the request, this option would make this forum so much better. It's ultra useful!


 I am not sure what this feature does. do you have an example on other forum? I am curious. Having to deal with hundreds of pending threads to reply, and many times missing some, maybe this would be useful for me too.

 This forum is using SMF so if you find a plugin that works with SMF that provides this feature, I am sure Alex would consider it.



Hi Jean,
I have no idea how this will be implemented :D

I just want to be able to tag/like/keep threads and then from my profile click 'all my liked threads' and see them in one go.

I would love this also!
How many times already i have been trying to find threads back again.......
Maybe one of this 2  can do the trick?



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