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Site Is Very Slow



First I would like to say I appreciate that you have this forum. The information here is very useful.

However, I've noticed that that site is very slow to respond. Waiting a half minute or so for something to load and about 30% of the time it errors out and I have to start over.

Any chance of moving it over to a quicker server?


 uhm... Can you paste the error you get?



Alex Chouls:
We moved to a new server about a year ago. Your situation sounds unusual, I think it's been faster for most people... If you can provide more info we'll try to track down the issue!

I can confirm that the site works here and most of the time in 2 secconds.

What browser are you using,
and what error are you getting?

I'm thinking it doesn't like when I access using my phone as a hotspot. I'm in the office today and your site works great. When I'm driving over the road and using my iPhone as a hotspot, that is when I experience the issues.

The strange thing is my internet browsing on all other sites works without a problem when using my phone as a hotspot, so I don't know why it lags so badly when accessing this site. Strange.


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