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To differentiate from the news and updates section, if you need any help on the asset or have any questions please ask here. Others can possibly benefit from the help as well.

Video installing steam vr playmaker toolkit.


Heya, just got your asset.

The example file seems broken in the latest version of Playmaker - all blank FSMs. Any idea as to what I might be missing/doing wrong?

The teleportation example file works fine.

Hi Shinestrength!

There seems to have been an issue when the asset was uploaded to unity. The example scene became corrupted on transfer. There is a version that is currently being processed by unity staff as of this moment but I have sent you an immediate fix to your personal messages.

Thanks, works perfectly.

What is the difference between?

Steam VR Playmaker Toolkit!/content/63425


Steam VR tools for Playmaker!/content/60854


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