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From now on i will be updating the new User Tutorials Wiki

If You Have a new tutorial or a tutorial that is not yet on the Wiki You can post it here and i will add them to the User Tutorials Wiki

Also if possible can you Mention the Category, if there is a sample, the difficulty and a short description.

If a tutorial is already placed on the User Tutorials Wiki but something needs be changed you can also post it here.

If you have some ideas to change on the Wiki, feel free to share here.

Please do NOT request tutorials here.


Nice job with the tutorial listings  :)

here's a few of my free ones I didn't see posted there

Introduction to Playmaker

Intro to using Arrays in Playmaker 1.8.x

How to use Animation Events with Playmaker and Unity

How to make simple custom Playmaker actions

Thx, i have added then to the wiki.

Hi I made a tutorial, a simple introduction into playmaker in Spanish


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