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Get Property, Set Property, Send Message etc.

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Alex Chouls:
Remember PlayMaker gives you generic access to a lot of Unity functionality with Get Property, Set Property, Send Message, Invoke Method etc.

It's always worth checking these first to see if they do what you need.

Tutorial videos for these coming soon!

Excellent Alex.  I don't understand the actions entirely, but enough to make it do what I need.  It will be a glorious day when the tutorials arrive.

Lars Steenhoff:
I need enable/disable GUIText property "Pixel Correct"  put it does not show up in the set property list, any idea how I can access this?

I love this,but can you make a doc for this ,I can't see youtube

I would be more than curious to know what Invoke Method does too... to be honest, i hadn't seen it until now. not sure what it would do (but, that's probably becuase i don't know what a "method" really is in this context.)


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