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Playmaker Community Wiki Launched & How To Join


Hey everyone,

I know many folks have been talking about getting a user wiki going to share tutorials and actions and more, so we've gone and done just that.  We've started a Community Wiki for you, the awesome folks in the Playmaker Forum.

Community Wiki Link:

The Community Wiki is an offshoot of the main Help Wiki and as you can see it's in its INFANCY ;-)

What we need are interested folks who want to help build.  Yup, we want you.

Now, because Fogbugz is what it is, in order for you to contribute I'll have to set up Community accounts for everyone who is interested in being a contributor.

If you want to join, send a MESSAGE to denkiva (me) here on the forum with your:

First/Last name & email address.

Once I sign you up, you'll receive an email from FogBugz linking you to the password creation process and giving you access to the Community Wiki.

This is new to us as well so we ask your patience as we sort this all out and get the ball rolling!

Thanks so much! 


liked IT :)

Evil Gremlin:
That will be extremely helpful to me as I learn Playmaker.  Thank you very much.


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