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Hello everyone,

it happend to me mutiple times that I hit Escape after searching for some terms to clear the filter and start a new search quickly. But you all know what happens if you hit Escape in the Action Browser. :o
Hitting Escape in the Event Browser or Global Browser does clear the filter.

I've attached the Action Browser in my Unity layout. So in this case I have to open and attach the window again.

I would like to request a new tiny option available in the settings menu of the Action Browser.
Something like "Clear Filter On Escape" instead of closing the window would be nice.
But according to user experience it would be more sensible to change the current behavior so the filter is cleared by hitting Escape by default like it does in the Event Browser or Global Browser. An option "Close Window On Escape" would make more sense.

What do you think? Sounds useful to me.


Alex Chouls:
The idea was for the Action Browser to be more of a popup window that can be quickly dismissed. But I agree that it's inconsistent and there should be a way to quickly clear the search field.

I changed it for the next update so Escape clears the search field if there's text in it. Escape still closes the window if there's no text in the search field. So it's essentially 2 escape presses to dismiss it if there's a search filter.

Does that sound like a good compromise? I'd like to avoid another setting if possible...

Actually i would love to get rid of the escape closing the window, or when action window is docked that it will not close.
It happens many times to me that i pressed escape and i have to popup it again and place it back again.

Actions is a part that is frequently used, so personally i don't like it as a pop up.
when it is docked and i press the tab (or action browser) goes faster than popup.

Maybe you can set this as a preference?


--- Quote from: Alex Chouls on June 22, 2017, 02:49:51 PM ---Does that sound like a good compromise? I'd like to avoid another setting if possible...

--- End quote ---
Sounds great and as a good compromise for me. But I can't speak for the people who use the Action Browser as popup window.

Thank you and regards

Alex Chouls:
Actually, I'm leaning towards a preference now. I can see it being super annoying to accidentally close the Action Browser if it's docked in your layout.

But I'll probably just re-use the "Close Window After Adding Action" preference. This preference basically controls if the window should act like a popup window, so it makes sense for it to also control if Escape should close the window.

Might not make it into the next update, but definitely after that...


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