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VR Colliders with objects


I have a Steam VR Camera Rig in a scene setup where people (3D models) are running all around me. Currently they can run through me and it is not realistic. I was planning on adding rigid bodies and colliders to me people but then the people go flying if they hit me. Is there a better solution I can use for this with playmaker? Maybe, add a collider to my VR Camera Rig's head and add some playmaker function so people in VR can not run into me?

Thanks a lot!

You would probably get a better effect using some form of AI that uses nav mesh to plot the NPC routes, then you could use a nav mesh obstacle (with carving enabled) attached to the VR camera rig, this will cause a hole to be cut into the nav mesh. Playmaker may not come into it at all, for this specific function.

thanks! I will look into that.


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